The Solid Position of Google’s Android OS in the Chinese Market

Facebook buys Instagram

Nokia’s Promising Lumia 900 is Bugged!

A New Plan To Make Stolen Phones Useless?

The Solid Position of Google’s Android OS in the Chinese Market

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Mobile news reports say that the global smartphone market is full of competition, for example, fitness mobile apps are going huge last year. But it seems like one has found itself in a dominating position as the demand for mobile phones is increasing. In China, with a very big population, the Android mobile operating system (OS) of Google has proven its stance as it increases its market share in the largest market for mobile phones in the world.

Apple Inc.’s iPhones, which mobile news claimed are in demand, have been benefiting from the growing number of iPhone users worldwide. Apple iOS operating system proves to have a solid market share in the Chinese market. However, figures have changed and it seems like Google’s Android is more dominant than the Apple’s operating system.

According to mobile news reports, the growing demand for Android operating systems in China is largely attributed to the fact that the rise of Google comes as the prices of smartphones in the country becomes cheaper. The decreasing price of smartphones in the Chinese market is a result of the sales initiatives of Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp. which have entered into an agreement with local telecom firms to offer cost-friendly Android handsets.

The demand for Google’s Android OS is expected to continuously grow as it is embraced by not only people in China but also by the people in its neighboring countries.

MobileNews @ June 28, 2012

Facebook buys Instagram

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Mobile news presents… The giant social networking site finally closed the $1 billion deal with Instagram on April 9. It has shaken the technology world after it officially announcement.

Facebook confirmed that it will buy the 2-year old photo-sharing app Instagram for $1 billion. The company promised that Instagram will still allow users to share photos to other social networking site.

“For years, we’ve focused on building the best experience for sharing photos with your friends and family. Now we’ll be able to work even more closely with the Instagram team to also offer the best experiences for sharing beautiful mobile photos with people based on your interests.” Mark Zuckerberg said, Facebook CEO.

Analysts said that Facebook does a great deal to purchasing the photo-sharing app Instagram. It is a good strategy in competing against its competitor. Michael Fauscette said that Facebook will definitely benefit from the app from sharing photos and editing on mobile as well as on desktops.

The purchasing of Instgram by Facebook is a good start up for the two young Stanford University graduates Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom who founded Instagram. Krieger is a native Brazilian who have been struggling in setting his residency in US permanently.

Accoding to Zackerberg that Facebook was attracted to Instgram’s fast increase of Android users just a month after its release. In fact, there are over 7.3 million Instagram regular users already who have been sharing photos on Facebook.

“I think Facebook recognized that we don’t want a middleman doing a better job at what is our core competency,” Michael Pachter said, an equity analyst with Wedbush Securities.

Observers suggest that Facebook’s purpose in purchasing the app is to increase their revenue as marketing becomes increasing in mobile, social and visual.

“I think it’s a recognition that images are a hugely important new trend. It wasn’t that many years ago that taking pictures was something you did on vacation, or on your birthday. Today people take pictures every moment of their lives, and are sharing them with their friends.” Bob Lisbonne said, Mountain View-based Luminate CEO.

However, Zuckerberg said that Facebook will still allow them to post photos on other social networking site including their arch competitor Twitter. They will still have their independence, he added.

MobileNews @ May 1, 2012

Nokia’s Promising Lumia 900 is Bugged!

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Mobile news shows that Nokia Corp. has been making steps to solidify its place in the global smartphone market. With the success of the iPhone from Apple, Nokia collaborated with Microsoft to release the Lumia 900 smartphone which it thinks would have a huge impact in the customers’ preference. However, Nokia’s dream immediately fell into pieces following the release of Lumia 900, which is undermined by a software bug.

Nokia deems Lumia 900 the very first 4G mobile phone that allows users to quickly connect. Because of the software bug, according to mobile news claims, data connection in this smartphone is occasionally lost. The bug costs Nokie a lot as it deteriorates the Lumia 900’s image before the phone is totally accepted by the mobile community.

Nokia is still the best when rating the number of volume of cellphones it has in the market. Unfortunately, Nokia was placed third behind Apple and Google in the smartphone market in 2011. Mobile news attributed this to Nokia’s slow performance in the U.S. and the growing demand for Apple’s smartphones and Google’s Android OS.

The Lumia 900 smartphone runs on the Windows Phone from Microsoft and Nokia hopes that it would take back what it has lost by making the phone available only in the United States.

MobileNews @ April 22, 2012

A New Plan To Make Stolen Phones Useless?

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A new collaboration has been decided between the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and wireless carriers in the country to prevent cellphone theft, according to mobile news. This works by rendering stolen mobile mobiles useless once owners report them to the commission or to the carriers. Both the FCC and the wireless carriers hope that law enforcement bodies across the United States will coordinate in creating a national database of mobile phones that are reported stolen. This would allow voice and date services to be disabled by the wireless carriers on stolen mobile phones altogether.

As of now, mobile news reveals that there is no such method that could make stolen cellphones useless. The owners can make a call to their carrier for cancelling all the service on the phone being stolen. Unfortunately, a new service can always be activated by the thief. Let us say for example: A user reports to its carrier Verizon to block his cellphone that was stolen. But once the cellphone is blocked, the thief can still choose T-Mobile and AT&T to get another service. Thus, reporting stolen phones as of now is useless.

A Unique Device Identifier (UDID) is being planned by the carriers to be used for every mobile phone and for building the hoped database. The mobile news noted that the plan would reject a new SIM card in the stolen handset once a specific UDID is blocked by the carrier. However, this plan still does not work perfectly since it is only applicable in the U.S. Once the stolen phones are shipped to other countries, they would still work even if the carrier in the U.S. blocks them.

MobileNews @ April 19, 2012

The Growing Mobile Broadband Market in India

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Mobile news…India might be one of the countries with high population and poverty levels. But when it comes to mobile broadband market, you do not have to underestimate what this country is capable of. There have been mobile news reports that claim the strong position of India to dominate in the mobile broadband market. In fact, the country is expected to become the second largest market around the globe within the next four years.

By 2016, the mobile news anticipated India to have more than 350 million mobile broadband connections. Also, India is poised to surpass the number of broadband connections in U.S. However, China will still top the rating with the expected 639 million mobile broadband connections in the said year.

September 2010 was the start of India’s boom in the mobile broadband connection market because it was the year when mobile operators in the country were first awarded with 3G licenses. Since then, the connections of mobile broadband have been growing continuously along with the increasing number of people diving into the market. As what mobile news forecasted, HSPA connections, which are currently 10 million in number across the nation, will exponentially escalate by 900 percent to more than 95 million connections of mobile broadband in 2014.

India has proven a competitor in the market. It has been gaining international attention following its dramatic growth when it comes to mobile phones and the forecasted number is likely to come.

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MobileNews @ April 17, 2012

The Growing Popularity of Mobile Phones

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People attending the 2012 Mobile World Congress saw the appearance of new and amazing devices. The mobile news has taken what it seems to be the exhibition of innovative ideas as the yearly event took the road.

Phone makers are displaying what they think beyond their capabilities. They have much focus on phone screens in order to attract more customers. Not only phone screens but as well as how fast the phone devices can be. These changes are designed for only one reason, which is to increase the satisfaction of valued customers. Making customers happy with what phone device they buy is what just matters.

Sony is just one of the mobile phone manufacturers making a dramatic step toward improving the design and features of the phones it is offering. It made the screens of its mobile phones to be very amazing and stunning. There is also the new flagship phone of HTC which features the Nvidia 4-Plus-1 quad-core Tegra 3 processor. Meanwhile, Asus has been in a move to make a phone device that is capable of transferring into a tablet before shifting into a laptop. The new Padfone from the company has the powerful processing power that makes it very fast and satisfying.

The growing number of phone games in different applications store is the biggest factor contributing to the popularity of mobile phones. As the mobile news continues to let people know the emergence of these fantastic devices, mobile games are just the partner of their dominance in the mind of customers.

The Google company has just launched in October 2011 its Ice Cream Sandwich. Its Android operating system seems to be the biggest player in the market. With unlimited games from the market, Android has just cemented its place as the number one contender when it comes to mobile phone operating systems. Aside from Google’s Android, the Blackberry OS 7 and the Windows Phone 7 were also present at the 2012 Mobile Word Congress to show what they can offer. Their performance is updated to a level that many should avail them.

The 2012 event was very entertaining as it continues to amaze the eyes of the attendees with the new devices that have come to play. The mobile news could be pretty sure that the next year would be as exciting as this year, or more perhaps.

MobileNews @ April 15, 2012