Mobile News: Vimeo app for Android and Windows Phone

Vimeo introduces its first new application for Android and Windows Phone supported devices. The application works with account or even without an account.

The app is visible for a 3×3 grid which is not large enough to video your liked video and mark it again to watch it later. The application can also be used in watching videos that were saved on the handset. Though it has some bug issues, application is good enough for ever day video playing.

The Vimeo app does contain what the web version and developer’s made a good job on it. The video does play good even though you need higher speed internet connection for smoother and faster buffer.
Over all, the application is good but the Web version is lot way better.

The application will also allow you to upload videos that were recorded using the device. Just press the Camera button then you will get to the video recording mode. But what makes user puzzled is that after recording the video, it immediately returns to the app without asking you if you want to upload the recorded video.

Some amateurs commented that the application is much gorgeous and looks official than the Web version. But if we are going to compare with YouTube application, it works perfect than the Vimeo. More bug issues and lack of functions.

However, the first Vimeo application for smartphones is a good idea but it only features few functions. For sure, Vimeo regulars would chose to use the Web version than the mobile version. Overall the app is average and not too appealing. (c) 2012

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