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Mobile news presents… Google’s Android OS has been the undisputed operating system in the smartphone market while it ranks no. 2 on tablets.

As the giant continues to expand, Android apps have been the source of its success and its fast increase has amazed experts. We have seen last year that Google’s Android OS outcast iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry OS and even Windows Phone. According to a report that Google had acquired 52 percent of smartphone users who use Android OS while 17 percent goes to Symbian and followed by iOS of 15 percent.

As Android users increase, the demand of Android apps also increases. What makes it to a prompt increase? It’s because most of the application on the Android market are free! There are many developers who create apps for different demands.

So here are the top 10 apps that are useful or may be important for individual.

• Astro File Manager
Astro File Manager allows you to manage your file, browse your file and even arrange your file. The apps allows you to cut, copy and paste files, rename the file if you want and you can also compress your file and attach it on email – just like what you do on your desktop. The apps is free, but proceeding to the premium version requires $4.00.

• Gtask Task Manager
The application syncs your desktop Google Tasks that allows you to access Gmail and Google Calendar’s web version. This app is installed in every smartphones that run Google’s Android.

• Google Music
If Apple has its own iTunes, well, Google has its own Google Music also! The application allows you to search your favourite artist’s songs and play it through streaming online. More than 20, 000 songs are available – that makes sense to save phone storage space, why? You don’t have to save music files to your phone, but rather listen to Google Music.

• Seesmic
It is an app that allows you to post and manage your Tweeter account. Seesmic is better than Tweeter for Android. It has home widget that shows latest tweets and was designed well that makes it more professional.

• Facebook for Android
Everybody loves Facebook! The application allows you to manage and modify your account just likely to be on desktop that keeps you on the go. Inbox support was updated to the application that allows user to communicate in almost a real time. The app is good enough, fast and stable – the design will let you reminisce of you first time of using Facebook.

• Google Wallet
This app is most convenient to those people who are afraid to bring cash or even reluctant to bring some money. Google now offers an application that allows a user to carry an electronic wallet without the use of real money. This will allow you to pay your bills through the use of Google Wallet that is installed in your smartphone.

• BeyondPod
This app achieved great reviews from people who have been using BeyondPod. The application will let you manage your audio and video podcast subscription. BeyondPod will equip with your Android’s music player after installing. The application is free; proceeding to the premium version will require $7.00 payment.

• TweetDeck
The application will allow you to post on different social networking site in just one click. The features include Facebook and Tweeter. The application works with a presenting timeline, DMs and replies that were separated on the panel.

• Google Reader
The application gives an additional function to your surfing purposes. It works with the support of multiple Google accounts and plenty of thread customisation options.

• SnapTax
SnapTax will help you manage your tax payment and provides you an image of your W-2. The information will then be sent to receive your tax returns. This app is suitable for those people who want their tax process infallible and the app is free! When using the app, it requires $19.99 for filing the tax details.

Again, as the population of Android users continues to increase, the demand of Android application also increases. These top 10 useful or may be important application may serve a guide on what to download for your Google’s Android supported smartphone. (c) 2012

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