Google Android introduces the new Facebook Timeline

Facebook has released their all new, modified Timeline profile on mobile website and Google’s Android platforms.

The giant social networking, Facebook has evolved their Timeline on their mobile website and Google’s Android platforms after doing some changes on Facebook desktop.

For feature phones and some smarthpone devices will be still using the old timeline while other touchscreen smartphone devices can experience the new Timeline at where it is the mobile website of Facebook.

For Android users, Facebook has released its new Facebook timeline which is now available in the Android market with the latest version of Facebook for Android 1.8. But this platform has bug issues and Facebook had resolved this problem and released a 1.8.1 version.

Mobile timeline is just similar with the desktop timeline. Upon logged in, users will be able to view their profile picture at the left-upper portion and their posts, photos and events underneath. The only differ is swiping.

In this timeline, other posts and photo albums can be swipe horizontally without further living your timeline. In this case, your Facebook menu is in the left portion of your timeline, by swiping it to the right, you may be able to view your photos, subscribers and other menus.

Mobile platforms will not allow you to make changes on your Facebook like deleting post and etc. but rather log on to your Facebook desktop to do some changes. Photos now are bigger and you will now be able to navigate your friends depending on their check in status.

At the end of the day, we cannot still rely on these two platforms since sometimes we committed mistakes in posting or etc. Since Facebook has been an essential way of communicating others, we are still using these two platforms in our mobile to communicate when we are out of houses even if it has some bug issues. Its primary satisfactory is to helps as locate and to be located depending on devices we are using. (c) 2011


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