Mobile Apps May Help People Finding the Right Price

Wise consumer can now experience the untraditional retail behavior particularly in comparing the prices by only using mobile phone to scan product bar codes. Different mobile applications now let consumers to compare prices and read reviews once they do a quick scan. Even though scanning of a store product can be done sometimes in hidden manner, this could give consumer a thrill of illicit retail behavior without really breaking the law and could make consumer more educated.

Among the popular scanning apps are Bakodo, RedLaser and Scan It! Mobile. The advantage of these apps is that they can help consumers to avoid buying overpriced items. Most of these apps are free but consumers who want premium versions will pay for them. They are fairly easy to use since all the users will have to do to make them work is to point the phone’s camera at a bar code and within a few seconds, the camera will read it. Google Shopper app does not even need a bar code; it has the ability to scan the cover of the items such as book and identify them.

However, these apps may not work well at all circumstances in real world. Some stores have dark lighting making the phone’s camera not to work well. Other stores do not have bar codes on some products such as displayed shoes and some have their store bar code plastered over the bar code of a product. Additionally, some stores just prohibit using any scanning app or taking photos because they think that they could not benefit if customers tried on any items in the store just to purchase them online. (c) 2011

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