Disadvantages of Buying Cheap Android Phone

It is not new to people who have been following different mobile news that one main reason why Android mobile operating system has been experiencing a huge success is the wide range of hardware. There are units with slide-out keyboards, large screens, fast internals and even come with cheap price. However, buying a cheap Android phones might provide you insufficient performance that you are looking or expecting.

Android OEMs are constantly and frequently making updates. On some instances, a phone is not capable on a particular update making the internet experience not that good as expected. Most Android handsets are updated by the OEM having just a little input from Google. Now, because of deficiency in resources for development, low-end phone could be left behind with those updates. Bugs and security flaws could hurt low and slow phones. Apparently, these cheap and low-end phones are less popular in retail than the high-end phones.

Sometimes, phone specifications do matter. Owning a cheap Android phone may in fact result of having a slow hardware. In reality, some cheap phones are running old system-on-a-chip (SoC) that cannot manage to load new apps.
A great example in which a cheap phone can be left behind are games. More games are now requiring dual-core chips and quad-core is coming very soon. Some of the most interesting games available in the Android market are not made available to a cheap phone. More about that soon on mobile news.

Slow hardware will not be only affecting the game aspect of the smartphone’s usage but also to the different updated apps. Latest apps need high memory bandwidth and GPU speed to get the sufficient element of pixels and obviously, only high-end phones can have these. Additionally, low-specification phones might don’t have the capability to run the latest versions of Android.

Android OS allows users to do multitasking but with low-end Android phone, jumping from another app to another app could be very annoying. Most likely cheap phones cannot handle various processes at the same time because a lot of memory would be eaten up in doing so. Apparently, inexpensive phones always have lower RAM compared to high-end ones.

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