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Google requested hackers to stop accessing Google wallet in testing their security mainly on payment services after consecutive attacks.

Google defended the application to have faster feature in terms of payment services compared to credit cards after being hacked twice.

About the application, the Google Wallet is a mobile payment application that helps individual to pay bills just right through the smartphone and equipped with NFC or Near Field Communications – wireless technology that covers short distances. Sprint Nexus S 4G supports Google wallet in which users are allowed to pay goods on 20 retailers and restaurants without going closer to the cash register. In general, the application allows a person to leave their wallets and credit cards at home.

Google endorsed 2 features that make the Google Wallet the best way in payment method.

Mobile News: Protected by PIN Code
The application protects the account of one’s user through PIN code and the phone’s lock screen.

Google Wallet and Payment’s Vice President Osama Bedier wrote on a business blog that, “People are asking if Google Wallet is safe enough for mobile phone payments, The simple answer to this question is yes.”

On an instance, the Google Wallet’s PIN code was cracked by 2 separate security researchers last week to secure Google Wallet.

Zvelo, a web security provider, made a remedy to access on Google Wallet last February 9. Engineer Joshua Rubin from Zvelo concluded that smartphone that runs Google wallet must be rooted by the owner or someone that holds the phone to crack the PIN code.

Google argued that it “strongly discourages” users since the application supported only on non-rooted smartphnes.

“That’s why in most cases, rooting your phone will cause your Google Wallet data to be automatically wiped from the device,” Bedier wrote.

On the other hand, SmartphoneChamp posted on a blog last February 10 focusing on how to access on a lost wallet if it is not protected with lock screen. If screen lock is disabled, a person can easily wipe the wallet’s data through the application setting menu.

Mobile News: More secured than a credit card
Google wallet will request a user to reset and set new PIN code when it is launched for the next time. After successfully created a new PIN and accessed to Google PrePaid card to the app, it can now be accessible in viewing previously available funds.

In this issue, Google announced a temporary resolution that disables provisions on prepaid cards that serves as a preventative measure until Google will finally fix the issue.

“You can be confident that the digital wallet you carry provides defences that plastic and leather simply don’t,” Bedier said.

In this case, the promotion of the application deceives user to leave wallets and credit cards at home to avoid them from losing their cash or cards.

This would be difficult for Google in mounting the wallet as many hackers seemed to provoke the capacity of Google Wallet in terms of security. Nevertheless, NFC-based mobile payments are the key players to dominate five years from now.

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