Mobile News: 5 Tips in Getting Started with Your New Android phone

Over millions of people who have been using smartphones that contains the Google’s Android OS. We cannot deny the fact that these smartphones have been rapidly increasing as people tend to buy cheaper and yet worth the cost. About hundreds of smartphones are supported by Google’s Android OS, some are cheaper and some are expensive.

If you are new to the Android world, then these tips will help you getting started with your new smartphone supported by Google’s Android.

1. Setup a Google account
If you have already registered an account in Google then you only have to do is to log on to your account upon using your smartphone. If not, just follow the steps that will appear on your screen on how to register a Google account. Why? This will help you being identified by Google that the device belongs to you. Your contacts from Gmail will automatically sync to your phone so that you will be able to mail while using your smartphone even a revise method – sync your phone contacts to your Gmail account. Not only that, Google will allow you to use their application such as Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Calendar and many more using your identity.

2. Download some apps
After logging in to your Gmail account, you will have an access to enter android market were over thousand of Android apps are stored. Download apps that are suitable to your interests like games, entertainment and others. There are many more that you could search and find yourself being entertained by the downloadable apps. Not just like Android market is offering apps for your phone but also Amazon Appstore which gives apps that are suitable to your device. All apps from games, videos, pictures and etc. are being monitored by their moderator to avoid viruses or any malwares that will harm your Android phone.

3. Download Social Networking Apps
On Android Market, download Facebook or Twitter or even both for you to stay connected with your friends. There are also YahooMessenger, Skype and other communicator apps that will allow you on the go wherever you are. But for those who bought an Android phone containing Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich it is no need for you to download Google+ as Ice cream Sandwich already equipped with Google+.

4. Get Music on Google
Since smartphones are not just a cell phone, it is also a portable player. Try to visit Google Music were thousands of licensed music are available from different genres and artists for as low as $4.99. Google Music is not as easy as iTunes but Google Music will allow you sync your purchases to your computer for easy download on the go. Get your favourite songs and you are done.

5. Talk to Friends
If you are amazed with your new Android phone, then try to reach your friends and tell them what you have experienced from your Android phone. (c) 2011

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