Possible Mobile Issue in 2012

Mobile news… Smartphones today have been rapidly growing from 2010 to 2011. It was predicted by IDC that smartphone market will grow 50 percent this year from over 300 million shipments of smartphones in 2010 and 450 million shipments by 2011.

The start of smartphone era has been theatrical in terms of manufacturer’s patent war and even the death of Steve Jobs. This year has become the year of mobile.

From the issues happening from this year, we may look forward on the possibility of what might happen on the mobile industry by 2012

Microsoft will compete iTunes after buying Spotify
After Microsoft bought Spotify, it will separate from iTunes and compete with iTunes by 2012 under Microsoft. There are already rumours and assumption about this issue and the coming of 2012 will give us an answer.

Microsoft had longed for having a pure music play and Spotify is suitable for it. Spotify delivers active and occupied by 2.5 million paying subscribers among 10 million users. In this case, Windows 8 and Windows Mobile 7 will contain Spotify by 2012.

For additional, The Swedish music stream had associated with the co-partner of Microsoft and a giant social networking website, Facebook. Microsoft participated in one of Facebook fund raising in 2007 gaining $240 million at an assessment of $15 billion.

At this case, the emergence of Spotify and Microsoft will give a big blow to the users and expect a surprise from the giant company, Microsoft to contain Facebook and other alliance with Spotify.

Mobile VoIP will give theatrical impact to operators
After 4G took place within US and technology improvement on Rebtel and Viber companies, drop calls will be an essential thing among users. Mobile Voice over IP or mVoIP will take place in mainstreams from being a fashion before.

“Mobile VoIP clients downloaded to the smartphone will account for four fifths of 640 million mVoIP users by the end of 2016.” reported by Juniper.

This will alarm the operators and sooner or later, mVoIP will not be free at all but buy them instead.

Google will improve Motorola
After Google bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion last August, Google will improve the company to save them like HTC and Samsung in using Android software and also a solution in leaving the Android society in favour for Windows phone 7. Google will share patents with their OEM partners to let them endure in competing with Apple.

Carriers forced to changeover to tiered data plans
The role of voice in communications will be considerably changed over the next few years according to a firm research as it headed to integrated with other applications

Carriers will begin to offer tiered data plans to manage with the growing network strain and lessen their reliance on voice revenue to save costumer mix. While in a changeover process of tiered data, some costumer will initially be unenthusiastic with the shift.

However, it will be a big win for carriers from the consumer if they will offer alternative pricing models and packages in staying competitive.

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