The Solid Position of Google’s Android OS in the Chinese Market

Mobile news reports say that the global smartphone market is full of competition, for example, fitness mobile apps are going huge last year. But it seems like one has found itself in a dominating position as the demand for mobile phones is increasing. In China, with a very big population, the Android mobile operating system (OS) of Google has proven its stance as it increases its market share in the largest market for mobile phones in the world.

Apple Inc.’s iPhones, which mobile news claimed are in demand, have been benefiting from the growing number of iPhone users worldwide. Apple iOS operating system proves to have a solid market share in the Chinese market. However, figures have changed and it seems like Google’s Android is more dominant than the Apple’s operating system.

According to mobile news reports, the growing demand for Android operating systems in China is largely attributed to the fact that the rise of Google comes as the prices of smartphones in the country becomes cheaper. The decreasing price of smartphones in the Chinese market is a result of the sales initiatives of Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp. which have entered into an agreement with local telecom firms to offer cost-friendly Android handsets.

The demand for Google’s Android OS is expected to continuously grow as it is embraced by not only people in China but also by the people in its neighboring countries.

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