U.S government wants military to use Android phones

Mobile news – Some officials from the United States that are anitcipated to get Android devices for the managing of the important documents of the government over cellular networks. This is the latest news that can be seen online. In the past, this conclusion has already been debated. And now, apparently, it has already been at last arranged as a motion. The first persons to receive the said Android phone are the U.S. soldiers and the officials from the federal agencies, and next on the line would be the officials from the local governments decision on why prefer to Android devices rather than IOS or other alternative operating systems. So here is the answer: It was said that Apple refused to bestow to the government the capability to change its system in order to fit its own design, while Android didn’t denied such privileges.

The military will be receiving transfigured versions of Android phones, modified by the Android operating system. In this condition, it will be a lot more invulnerable, dependable and secured in saving important documents, while keeping the main features of Android still in a normal use as a smartphone. In the following months, the distribution of these Android devices will be launced.
Primarily, Android was manufactured by the company Android Inc. It was bought by Google in the year 2005, and now it is a mobile operating system from the said company. From Android’s humble debuts, it has become the home of the famous tablets and smartphones, but also a landlord of other gadgets and less high-profile devices. Google delivers their source code as an open-source underneath the Apache license though Android i not a charity project.

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