Ways and Tips to Upgrade Your Old Android Phone with the Latest Android Firmware

Mobile news – One of the negative aspects of Android operating system is the slow release of the latest version for older models. Worst, the company sometimes never release an updated version for older units. A company may not be interested to spend its resources to products that it no longer sells or a certain carrier and the developer can’t agree when to provide an update.

If you have an old Android phone and can’t get the latest available firmware, the best you can do (aside from buying a new one) is to install unofficial Android firmware on your unit.

The following are tips and ways to upgrade your old android phone with the unofficial firmware.

Keep in mind that installing unofficial Android firmware could lead to loss of warranty from the maker. So, install at your own risk.

It is important to read instructions for installation process for the specific model of your unit and carefully follow them. Your patience and time are badly needed. Even though the chance of making your phone inoperable because you did something wrong during the installation process is fairly low, it is still possible that this can happen.

Bear in mind that some features of your old Android version may not be available after successfully installing the unofficial firmware. The positive side is that you can have all the features of the new custom Android firmware upon completing the installation process correctly.

CyanogenMod and MIUI are the two major choices in the unauthorized Android firmware development community. Both are officially released by Google and are built on the Android source code in which their latest versions are based on Android 2.3 known as Gingerbread. The teams for CyanogenMod and MIUI are currently working on Android 4.0 version called as Ice Cream Sandwich.

CyanogenMod has default UI and all its components are all similar to Android release, no unnecessary additional features while the MIUI completely customized the Android UI with one that similar to iOS from Apple.

Popular Android phones are most likely supported by either of the community. If it happens that you own an unpopular one, it is still possible that somebody is currently working on a port for your Android device. Just search your model from both communities or in Android forums. However, be aware that several features of your unit may not work after installing any experimental Android firmware.

Another important thing to do before installing unofficial Android apps is to root your phone. Rooting is the process of unlocking the security settings put in place in OS to allow alteration on it. You may visit sites similar to http://forum.xda-developers.com and http://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/how-to-root-your-android-phone-device/ for your guidance in rooting.

You need to back-up your recent firmware and phone data in case you decide to reactivate your phone from previous version. Android apps such as ClockworkMod ROM Manager can help you to have back-up easily. For more information about this Android app, visit the developer’s site.

Get ready with the default android apps from Google if you are installing CyanogenMod since it does not include Google apps that usually pre-installed on any Android phones. You need to download a ZIP file containing installation packages for Android apps such as Android Market and Google Search.

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