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Mobile news presents… Now days, many people tend to use smartphones that run Google’s Android OS. These smarphones are in a high risk of being stolen. In New York City, 40 percent from robberies stole cell phones that estimate over 11, 000 cell phones were stolen within the city alone.

Do not worry if you are an Android user, why? There is an application that will help you track your stolen smartphone. Security Anywhere Mobile is an application created by WeBroot to identify whether your smartphone is lost or stolen or even track your phone.

When your phone is missing, you can send signals to secure your smartphone – in that case, your smartphone is no longer usable. You can also delete data and information such as personal information, contacts, messages, email and other important data. You can also navigate your smartphone through the use of the application so you could see where your smartphone is located.

If you have lost your smartphone now, then Secure anywhere can initiate a loud alarm for you to locate your smartphone. The application also works with a temporary password to a family member or a friend in case of forgetting your password – so you could access to your smartphone.

A free version of WerBoot Secure Anywhere is available in Android Market. For full version, it requires $19.99.

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