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Mobile News… App That Can Bring Communities Closer Together- Learning about your community is never been so easy with the help of Patch app. Both iPhones and Android running devices can download Patch app for easy and quick access to local events and current news. The app also allows users to upload news, comments and photos on the fly. Here are the details on how to connect with Patch apps using mobile device.

Patch for iPhone allows owners to get connected to latest weather bulletin, current events and local business listings. Local community coverage never stops even a single second with Patch app.
The app’s useful features include access to the most important news and local blog posts, the latest information on weather conditions, complete listings in several businesses in the community, interesting events happening nearby and allow users to comment on interesting stories or upload photos through Facebook or e-mail. Additionally, the app can save anything online such as business listings and favorite stories for easy access without the need of internet connection.

Patch Places for Android allows users to walk through their communities through mobile phones. The app has more than 800 Patch towns’ listings. Android owners can select any place nearby to connect to a mobile directory.

Useful features of Patch Places include access to restaurants, shops and nightlife places in the community, surf business locations, browse and upload pictures and share place pages to social network sites and e-mail.

Just like the iPhone, Android users can save anything online with the app for easy offline access. The main objective of Patch Places is to make everything local, thus, bring people in the community closer together. (c) 2012

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