Mobile Apps for Music Enthusiasts

There are many music applications in very high quality available to download on tablet devices and even for smartphones. Even apps that specifically not developed for iPads and Android tablets can run beautifully on the larger screens with stronger audio capabilities.

Here are some of the mobile apps available for music fans out there.

Band of the Day
Anyone has a variety of choices when it comes in listening to music from favorite musicians and bands but it is difficult to know new recording artists. Band of the Day application can definitely save the day if you find it difficult to discover histories, discographies, videos and songs of a certain new band each day. It is designed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and can be obtained for free.

Pandora and Slacker are known to provide Internet radio websites that are also working on mobile devices as free applications. However, their downside is the frequent commercials which can be annoying to many. Raditaz, free mobile application for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android, eliminate the commercials found in Pandora and Slacker. Randitaz apps and website have over 13 million songs in the library that can be enjoyed without any promotional distractions. Like any other Internet radio services, users can type the name of artists or bands they intend to listen. The app also allows users to listen stations played by people in your place as well as stations that are popular or featured by Raditaz curators.

Audio detection apps such as SoundHound and Shazam have been available for some time now. These apps can recognize popular songs in your place and offer links to download, lyrics and other related information. However, these apps can’t help you if you would like to add a song to your library while on the go. Developed by the same makers of SoundHound, Hound locates tracks simply by voice commands. With the same features to Siri, iPhone 4S’s voice assistant, Hound can completely responds when prompted with the name of the band, artists and title of the song. Hound is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms for free.

For music lovers that want access to any certain song at any given time, Spotify is one of the best bet. This mobile app has 15 million tracks in its library making it the most elegantly designed independent mobile music subscription available. Users of the web-based application can listen to Spotify at no cost but with commercials while apps for Android and iOS devices can enjoy Spotify free of commercials at $10 per month.

Qello mobile app is for individuals who like concert videos. This is exclusively available for Android tablets, TVs and phones. It provides hundreds of HD videos to watch for $5 per month. Its developers are planning to make it available to iOS devices as it plans to dramatically increase the size of its library. (c) 2012

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