Mobile News: Results of a Survey on the Need for Security Software on Tablets and Smartphones

The iOS owners are not keen enough on the need for security software as compared to Android users but the former are more willing to pay for it. A joint survey revealed that 65 percent out of 1410 respondents believe that security software is important on their tablets or smartphones.

On breaking in the numbers, it is apparent that Android users feel the need more for protection as compared to iOS users. Eighty four percent of Android respondents who use smartphone believe on the necessity of security software, while iPhone users are split down the middle. The data is similar among tablet owners wherein 79 percent of Android tablet users feel the need of security app but only 51 percent of iPad users think the need of it.

Results from the survey may indicates that majority of Android users are mindful on malware’s risk on smartphones. A certain research suggested that the number of Android malware is dramatically increasing but it is still low in percentage when compared to Windows malware.

The iPhone and iPad users seem to have little interest on the need for security software however they are not safe either. Although, the locked-down nature of the App Store cuts down the danger of iOS malware, experts said that it is still possible that hidden malware can pass on stealthily to Apple’s app review panel.

Another important factor to consider here is that Apple has currently no mobile antivirus software on the App Store, what they only have are Web browsers that can determine malicious websites and the like. With this scenario, iOS owners got a higher percentage of those surveyed on the willingness to pay for security software than Android owners.

Fifty-seven percent of total respondents said they are willing to invest money for their smartphone or tablet’s security software. Out of those who are willing, 50 percent of Android smartphone users and 56 percent Android tablet owners are willing to pay for security software while 69 percent of iPhone users and 66 percent of iPad users are willing to buy mobile security software. (c) 2011

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