New Smartphone App Offers Traders Quick Access to Trading Tools

TradingMotion, a company based in Madrid, and futures commission merchants PFGBEST have team up to offer the brokerage’s clients with better mobile investing via the iBroker mobile application. The app is developed to combine the smooth controls and configuration of well-known mobile gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad with a potent buying and selling platform and amazing digital display. Supported by Android, Mac OS and Windows systems, the application enables clients to remotely obtain the information they need and make the actions they want in a few easy taps on their cell phone or tablet, supported by the high quality assistance of the PFGBEST group.

It took many years to develop the application. Leading the development stage was the founder of Trading in Motion, Jon Berrojalbiz. He hooked up with PFGBEST in April, and they decided to join forces to get the app working.
PFGBEST President and COO Russ Wasendorf, Jr., a long-time supporter of advanced portable trading applications for a diverse range of asset classes, stated that PFGBEST is the only Futures Commission Merchant company at present that has incorporated iBroker into its proprietary front- and back-office systems. He added that those people using the iBroker app can send messages to customers who want to be informed when buy or sell triggers are attained, stretching the on-demand technology methods for brokers and advisers.

The growth of iBroker offers a special opportunity to futures brokers seeking for connection to the mobile trading arena. With a better display, more features and improved navigability, iBroker has the advantage over the competition, and can give futures brokers the power to hook up with their clients on the go. Doing work with iBroker’s group of connection professionals, iBroker can link a broker’s current trading program to their clients’ mobile gadgets at zero cost to the broker, delivering greater comfort to their clients within minutes of installing the app. The application is accessible for download in the Android Market, Apple App Store and Windows Marketplace. (c) 2011

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