Stolen iPhone 4S still communicates after a remote wipe

A stolen iPhone 4s still communicates – receive and send iMessages even though iPhone had already wiped the remote of the handset as reported.

It was reported that the original owner had already deactivated and wiped the remote of the handset but it can still receive iMessages and it was reactivated using a new number.

iMessages is an application of iOS 5 which allows the iOS users to send free messages which is restricted to iOS users only and it was released on October, 2011. This is also the most discussed application since this will affect the industry of SMS carries.

It was suggested by some users that deactivating an iPhone with the original SIM card inserted will allow the iPhone to reactivate again when the phone has restored. In other words, it won’t give a thoroughly cleaned result to the phone if SIM card is inserted.

Jacqui Cheng had spoken to the iOS security expert regarding to the bug issues to be resolved after iPhone has been unresponsive to the user’s comments and suggestions concerning the issue.

“I can only speculate, but I can see this being plausible…iMessage registers with the subscriber’s phone number from the SIM, so let’s say you restore the phone, it will still read the phone number from the SIM. I suppose if you change the SIM out after the phone has been configured, the old number might be cached somewhere either on the phone or on Apple’s servers with the UDID of the phone.”

A resolution was done by a user claimed that he erased his old Apple ID completely but many users opposed to his resolution since it may neglect your iTunes and App Store purchases.

Kim Hunter twits about the denial of Apple’s Security Unit about the security problem after the suggestion of some users of turning off the iMessages. iPhone remains mute about the problem.

For now, iPhone is fixing bug issues on their softwares, not just iMessages but also iCloud and other applications which have to be resolved. iCloud was subjected to intermittent outage and iPhone is a half way to fix the issues. As of now, iPhone’s primary concern is to fix the issues for the satisfactory of the iOS users. (c) 2011

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