2011 as a Turning Point of Mobiles, 2011 and 2012 Issues

Mobile news: 2011
This year, many people have been interested with smartphone that are Apple-powered and Google-powered smatphones. In fact, the rates of purchased smartphones and tablets had exceeded the range of desktops and laptops sold-outs. According to a survey, more users have spent more time in browsing through mobile apps than using a browser window to access Web-based services. Apple this month hit a total of 18 billion downloads on its iOS App Store and Google’s Android Market likewise hit 10 billion as demonstrated in both US and abroad by mobile consumers.

According to the Furry Analytics survey, that in June, 2010 has 64 minutes a day on a browser and 43 minutes a day on apps. 70 minutes a day on a browser and 66 minutes a day on apps by December, 2010 and 74 minutes a day on a browser and 81 minutes a day on apps in June 2011.

The Apple still maintained its iOS App store for developers who want to make money. Most of the Android Market Apps are free which means that most of the Android users tend to use free apps and not interested with payable apps. Android app maker earns only $0.24 for every Android app.

More apps downloads were reported as of this year overseas. Over 870 percent of people who have downloaded apps in China this year, 527 percent in Argentina and 388 percent in Saudi Arabia while US decreases their percentage of people who download apps from 55 percent to 47 percent. Apple experienced the same trend also.

Google promises of resolving cases regarding to firmware updates on Google-powered device and yet, only some devices are suitable with the new updates. In this case, some carriers and handset makers were calling Google’s remedy to improve updates to be consistent while some called Google alliance as “dead”

Mobile news: In 2012
A new rising concept, HyLoMo (Hyper Local Mobile), had begun to impart with other apps and expected to take off in a big way next year. This gives a concept of shoping, eating and travelling to an area nearby your location. Since smartphones help us indicate where we are located, this concept begun to rise in giving us services for more convenient and on time experience – like giving us sources of where to go, where to buy and what we want to buy.

“The amount of real-time data that’s available can change apps into being infinitely more useful,” said Phil Hendriz of IMMR.

More voice-control handset will be produced by next year. After Apple had launched its voice-controlled iPhone 4s, many users had appreciated the handset, often use it for more easier while on the go. But before iPhone 4s was launched, not only Apple who first made a handset that is voice-control. Samsung first introduces a handset that uses a voice control. Not like iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy S II was made for people who uses phone while driving, in this case, Galaxy S II can be use without the use of a hand instead, talking to the device while driving. Since the rise of voice-control features of iPhone 4s, expect next year from Apple’s competitor, Google will make its own version of voice-control feature on Android supported handset.
“Virtually every mobile and consumer electronics company on the planet looks for ways to integrate natural, conversational voice interactions into their mobile products, applications, and services,” Mike Thompson (Nuance’s CEO) said.

On 2012, expect NFC will grow but not more in payments but instead, FREE at all. They will be hitting some social networking sites and contact exchange apps by next year.

As NFC will grow next year, expect also new more niches on app store and will emerge by next year. This is the time developers of both parties will be noticed in making apps that will catch the interests of the users. More branded apps Google will hit the market, “either as pure retail outlets for niche markets” Colin Gibbs of GigaOM said.

More mobile issues will happen by 2012, from competing apps to patent war. However, since this year is the start of smartphone being noticed, next year will be another dramatic event for Apple and Google Company to face.

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