Face detection and touch recognition for unlocking smartphone

Mobile news presents… The two Giants, Google and Apple announced the all new feature that detects user through sight and touch recognition. This will be a new era of unlocking smartphones and tablets as we are already used in using combinations or sliding to unlock our devices.

Apple signed its new patent ‘Low Threshold Face Recognition’ in US patent office to equip facial recognition on iOS software last week. In the new patent, it is time to say goodbye in sliding or using combinations in unlocking iPod, iPad and iPhone.

“Using a forward-facing camera to recognise an individual user, future iPhones and iPads from Apple could automatically customise applications, settings and features to a user’s personal preferences once they pick up the device.” Apple said.

The Apple Insider Blog explained that the concept will focus on a high information portion of a human face rather than analyzing the whole face which can drain the handset.

The face recognition works through placing your face on the front camera’s sight; once sighted, the phone will immediately measure the distance of the eyes and the mouth of the user and compares it to the original picture which was captured by the user and if passed, the phone unlocks.

In additional, when the phone detects the user, it can access to its customized settings and wallpaper otherwise, guest user will not be able to experience the customized settings.

Google Android supported phones had already built face recognition tool on their platforms – handset with front camera.

Google is still fixing on users complain concerning on the face recognition tool. However, the new concept would not officially terminate the passwords yet until the Face recognition concept will be free of bug issues.

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