Mobile news: iPad3 to have Quad-core Processor

Mobile news presents… The release of iPad3 is the most anticipated event this year. Apple confirm that iPad3 will be released this coming March of this year.

According to Bloomberg that Apple’s manufacturing alliance Foxconn from Aisa has already exposing production of the iPad3 and aiming to hit optimum production level this coming February.

The iPad3 will have a Quad-core processor and a GPU that was 4x of iPad2 resolution. IPad3 was also said to have 10-inch of size.
The iPad3 will not have the newer version of Retina display which iPhone 4s possessed. The Retina Display was endorsed by Steve Jobs before in which it features 300ppi that a single pixel is not visible or cannot be seen by human eyes. Some critics reacted and say it was a false advertising.

The device will also have a standard screen resolution of 2048×1536. It will also support LTE 4G network for faster data sharing. 4G sites on UK will not be available until 2013 while South Korea, US and Germany will have 4G coverage.

Apple still led the tablet market share selling 40 million iPads and earned revenues of $25.3bn a total of 60% of the share and 40% from Google according to IDG.

The iPad3 will be the first device to be released by Apple after the death of Steve Jobs. People are looking forward to the company that Tim Cook will create devices that are the same to Steve Job’s technology taste. (c) 2012

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