Mobile News: The Success of iPhone 4s Brought Apple into Third Spot for Global Phones Sales

Mobile news – The data released by research firm IDC indicated that sales of iPhone saw a dramatic increase by 128 percent in the fourth quarter for 2011 over the same quarter in 2010.

The research firm attributed to the increase mainly because of iPhone 4S, which was released last October. The company took a leap over LG and ZTE in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The weaker global macroeconomic conditions affected the mobile phone market, according to research analyst Kevin Restivo of IDC’s Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker. The introduction of iPhone 4S and other high-growth products largely contributed to the smartphone growth in the fourth quarter. However, overall market growth still low since the Q3 of 2009 when the global financial crisis was in its peak.

Apple managed to sell 37 million phones in the fourth quarter which able the company to own 8.7 percent market share of the global phone market, more than doubled the 4 percent market share it owned in the fourth quarter of 2010. For the whole year, Apple able to sell 93 million phones for a 6 percent market share, almost 100% increase over 2010.

Nokia and Samsung continue to dominate the mobile phone market which sold 113 million and 97 million units respectively in the fourth quarter. Nokia still has the biggest market share despite the decreased of its market by 8.2% making to manage 30.7 percent market share. Contrary to Nokia, Samsung’s increased market share is reflected nearly 21 percent increase.

Overall, the total worldwide sales of mobile phones increased to 6.1 percent which is higher than the 4.4 percent predicted growth by IDC. Phone makers able to sell 1.54 billion phones for the entire 2011, an 11.1 percent increase over 2010.

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