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The Solid Position of Google’s Android OS in the Chinese Market

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Mobile news reports say that the global smartphone market is full of competition, for example, fitness mobile apps are going huge last year. But it seems like one has found itself in a dominating position as the demand for mobile phones is increasing. In China, with a very big population, the Android mobile operating system (OS) of Google has proven its stance as it increases its market share in the largest market for mobile phones in the world.

Apple Inc.’s iPhones, which mobile news claimed are in demand, have been benefiting from the growing number of iPhone users worldwide. Apple iOS operating system proves to have a solid market share in the Chinese market. However, figures have changed and it seems like Google’s Android is more dominant than the Apple’s operating system.

According to mobile news reports, the growing demand for Android operating systems in China is largely attributed to the fact that the rise of Google comes as the prices of smartphones in the country becomes cheaper. The decreasing price of smartphones in the Chinese market is a result of the sales initiatives of Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp. which have entered into an agreement with local telecom firms to offer cost-friendly Android handsets.

The demand for Google’s Android OS is expected to continuously grow as it is embraced by not only people in China but also by the people in its neighboring countries.

Mobile News | Android Browser Continues to Increase its Market Share

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

According to StatCounter mobile news, the built-in Android browser continues to increase its market share.

Android was ahead to Research in Motion’s BlackBerry browser in March last year to get the 4th spot. Since that time, Android browser has grown significantly, overcoming Apple, Opera and Nokia’s mobile web browsers.

Last February 2012, Android beating the Opera’s 21.7% market share by reaching 22.6% share, the first time they beat the Opera.

Apple’s iPhone continues to increase its share with 21.06% while the market share of Nokia and BlackBerry continues to go downward with their 11.24% and 6.53% market share respectively.

However, StatCounter mobile news did not include the share for browsers from iPhone and iPod. It noted that if combine, Apple’s iOS browser will be at the top spot with 25.36%. The iPad is excluded.

Nokia Plans to Challenge the Mass Appeal of Cheap Android Phones | Mobile News

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Finnish firm Nokia maps out plan to compete with the increasing popularity of cheap Android phones by doing a revamp of its feature phone offering in 2012.

The company announced that they plan to launch feature phones that are smarter and competitively priced feature phones in 2012, promising to deliver modern user experiences.

Mobile industry growth is apparently concentrated on smartphones but feature phones still hold the top place in most units sold. Smartphones accounted only less than a third of industry volume.

Mobile news sources reveal that Nokia also preparing to launch Meltemi, a new Linux-based software platform. The new platform is said to replace the company’s Series 40 software to produce advanced feature phones.

The Series 40 platform is popular software which has been used in more mobile phones attaining a cumulative total of 1.5 billion units a couple of months ago. Meltemi is expected to provide a smartphone-like experience on lower end phone models.

Google’s free Android platform has been a hit in the industry for few years already and just last quarter, half of the smartphones sold used Android software.

In 2011, Nokia ended its own smartphone software platforms and replaced it with Windows Phone from Microsoft. However, it has little impact to the company’s earnings as of the first quarter of 2012. One reason why it has limited impact is the high price of phones using such OS.

In Mobile World Congress trade show in February, Nokia introduced the Lumia 610 model, the cheapest Windows Phone as of the moment that only cost $250.

According to the latest mobile news around the web, Nokia will devote more time to develop more affordable phones just like what the company did in creating Nokia Lumia 610.

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Interesting Things in Mobile World Congress 2012

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Mobile news presents… Before and after the “Mobile World Congress 2012” a lot of news came out. There were many rumours on what companies would have the most compelling mobile news. Here are some companies that did interesting things at the congress.

This year is the crucial year for efforts of Microsoft in mobile industry. Most interesting mobile news on Microsoft did happen in MWC 2012. Windows 8 and the Nokia Windows Phone deal is expected to mature more in the coming months. Windows Phone has been left behind by iOS and Android and has struggled to gain momentum in both smartphone and tablet markets. But things are expected to change for Microsoft.
Reception to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been getting positive feedbacks. Measured and praised for its bold and appealing look, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview suggests that Microsoft is catching up in computing industry. The company is surely has a long way to go but the Windows 8 is a good indication for better future.

The most interesting mobile news on HTC is that it shows sign to focus on quality rather than quantity. Their business strategy is working well so far. Its new “One” flagship line is doing well. The appealing device One X features 4.7- inch HD display with Beats Audio.

Android was all over the place at MWC. It is everywhere both on tablets and smartphones on different company. But the most interesting mobile news on Google was its own mobile version of its Chrome browser. While Google is known for its Android OS, it has also a lot to say outside Android realm.

The biggest winner at the event was Nokia. It won the “Best New Mobile Handset, Device or tablet at Mobile World Congress 2012” award from the GSMA. Nokia boasted its 808 PureView and embedded 41 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera.
The device’s features surprised many people. Nokia just offered something that no other device was able to match. Many question on the company’s decision to put the camera to a Symbian device but the company intends to bring the same functionality to Windows Phone devices in the future.

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Google Requested Hackers to Stop Accessing Google Wallet |Mobile News

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Google requested hackers to stop accessing Google wallet in testing their security mainly on payment services after consecutive attacks.

Google defended the application to have faster feature in terms of payment services compared to credit cards after being hacked twice.

About the application, the Google Wallet is a mobile payment application that helps individual to pay bills just right through the smartphone and equipped with NFC or Near Field Communications – wireless technology that covers short distances. Sprint Nexus S 4G supports Google wallet in which users are allowed to pay goods on 20 retailers and restaurants without going closer to the cash register. In general, the application allows a person to leave their wallets and credit cards at home.

Google endorsed 2 features that make the Google Wallet the best way in payment method.

Mobile News: Protected by PIN Code
The application protects the account of one’s user through PIN code and the phone’s lock screen.

Google Wallet and Payment’s Vice President Osama Bedier wrote on a business blog that, “People are asking if Google Wallet is safe enough for mobile phone payments, The simple answer to this question is yes.”

On an instance, the Google Wallet’s PIN code was cracked by 2 separate security researchers last week to secure Google Wallet.

Zvelo, a web security provider, made a remedy to access on Google Wallet last February 9. Engineer Joshua Rubin from Zvelo concluded that smartphone that runs Google wallet must be rooted by the owner or someone that holds the phone to crack the PIN code.

Google argued that it “strongly discourages” users since the application supported only on non-rooted smartphnes.

“That’s why in most cases, rooting your phone will cause your Google Wallet data to be automatically wiped from the device,” Bedier wrote.

On the other hand, SmartphoneChamp posted on a blog last February 10 focusing on how to access on a lost wallet if it is not protected with lock screen. If screen lock is disabled, a person can easily wipe the wallet’s data through the application setting menu.

Mobile News: More secured than a credit card
Google wallet will request a user to reset and set new PIN code when it is launched for the next time. After successfully created a new PIN and accessed to Google PrePaid card to the app, it can now be accessible in viewing previously available funds.

In this issue, Google announced a temporary resolution that disables provisions on prepaid cards that serves as a preventative measure until Google will finally fix the issue.

“You can be confident that the digital wallet you carry provides defences that plastic and leather simply don’t,” Bedier said.

In this case, the promotion of the application deceives user to leave wallets and credit cards at home to avoid them from losing their cash or cards.

This would be difficult for Google in mounting the wallet as many hackers seemed to provoke the capacity of Google Wallet in terms of security. Nevertheless, NFC-based mobile payments are the key players to dominate five years from now.

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Mobile News: Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be Available By March On HTC Sensation Phones

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Owners of HTC’s Sensation smartphones have something to look for next month. The company just recently announced that Sensation line of smartphones will be getting an upgrade to Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and other HTC’s smartphones will also be upgraded later this year. The Sensation’s upgrade will be rolled out by the end of March, according to the statement by the company in its Facebook page.

The upgrade will come a little late than expected since the company announced in November that all updates would take place in early 2012.

Upgraded HTC’s devices will get the company’s new user interface “Sense.” The company, however, has no announcement yet as to when its tablets such as the Evo View and Flyer will get an upgrade.

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