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Mobile Payment Apps

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Mobile news presents… People can now order a product in a certain business establishment and walk out without using a wallet. Nobody would chase you down because upon entering the establishment, the Card Case app on your iPhone detected the store’s perimeter and automatically switched on. It broadcast your picture to the cashier, who could then tap your pre-entered credit card number to cover all your bills. The phone need not necessarily leave your pocket.

Square is the company behind this app duplicating the online buying experience to the real world. Director of products at Square Megan Quinn said that their company just wanted to focus on building the relationship between the merchant and customer and removing the mechanics of the transaction.

Square is not the only company working really hard to remove the negative aspect of mobile payments. Challenges in mobile payments are also been addressed in various ways by Google, Visa, MasterCard, VeriFone, eBay’s PayPal division and joint effort by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. In most cases, these businesses are not in the same direction with Square, which they let people to tap their phone near a terminal to transact payment.

Mobile payment allows people to leave their wallet at home and only use their phone for payment if this can reach to the masses. However, customers must clamor for this payment system in order for retailers to strive to apply the system. A customer will not use this mobile system either until there is great number of customers using it.

While Google’s Wallet payment app has 150,000 retailers nationwide, which accept payments over MasterCard’s NFC-based Paypass readers, Square started at small merchants having around 20,000 accept Card Case.

Another challenge in mobile payment is to develop a system that represents more than a little improvement over what people do today. IBM executive David Mangini said that developer of mobile payment should offer customers a compelling reason to get into it. He added that the mobile payment system must be just as convenient and just as widely accepted and at the same time just as safe.

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Mobile Apps for Music Enthusiasts

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

There are many music applications in very high quality available to download on tablet devices and even for smartphones. Even apps that specifically not developed for iPads and Android tablets can run beautifully on the larger screens with stronger audio capabilities.

Here are some of the mobile apps available for music fans out there.

Band of the Day
Anyone has a variety of choices when it comes in listening to music from favorite musicians and bands but it is difficult to know new recording artists. Band of the Day application can definitely save the day if you find it difficult to discover histories, discographies, videos and songs of a certain new band each day. It is designed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and can be obtained for free.

Pandora and Slacker are known to provide Internet radio websites that are also working on mobile devices as free applications. However, their downside is the frequent commercials which can be annoying to many. Raditaz, free mobile application for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android, eliminate the commercials found in Pandora and Slacker. Randitaz apps and website have over 13 million songs in the library that can be enjoyed without any promotional distractions. Like any other Internet radio services, users can type the name of artists or bands they intend to listen. The app also allows users to listen stations played by people in your place as well as stations that are popular or featured by Raditaz curators.

Audio detection apps such as SoundHound and Shazam have been available for some time now. These apps can recognize popular songs in your place and offer links to download, lyrics and other related information. However, these apps can’t help you if you would like to add a song to your library while on the go. Developed by the same makers of SoundHound, Hound locates tracks simply by voice commands. With the same features to Siri, iPhone 4S’s voice assistant, Hound can completely responds when prompted with the name of the band, artists and title of the song. Hound is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms for free.

For music lovers that want access to any certain song at any given time, Spotify is one of the best bet. This mobile app has 15 million tracks in its library making it the most elegantly designed independent mobile music subscription available. Users of the web-based application can listen to Spotify at no cost but with commercials while apps for Android and iOS devices can enjoy Spotify free of commercials at $10 per month.

Qello mobile app is for individuals who like concert videos. This is exclusively available for Android tablets, TVs and phones. It provides hundreds of HD videos to watch for $5 per month. Its developers are planning to make it available to iOS devices as it plans to dramatically increase the size of its library. (c) 2012

Ways and Tips to Upgrade Your Old Android Phone with the Latest Android Firmware

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Mobile news – One of the negative aspects of Android operating system is the slow release of the latest version for older models. Worst, the company sometimes never release an updated version for older units. A company may not be interested to spend its resources to products that it no longer sells or a certain carrier and the developer can’t agree when to provide an update.

If you have an old Android phone and can’t get the latest available firmware, the best you can do (aside from buying a new one) is to install unofficial Android firmware on your unit.

The following are tips and ways to upgrade your old android phone with the unofficial firmware.

Keep in mind that installing unofficial Android firmware could lead to loss of warranty from the maker. So, install at your own risk.

It is important to read instructions for installation process for the specific model of your unit and carefully follow them. Your patience and time are badly needed. Even though the chance of making your phone inoperable because you did something wrong during the installation process is fairly low, it is still possible that this can happen.

Bear in mind that some features of your old Android version may not be available after successfully installing the unofficial firmware. The positive side is that you can have all the features of the new custom Android firmware upon completing the installation process correctly.

CyanogenMod and MIUI are the two major choices in the unauthorized Android firmware development community. Both are officially released by Google and are built on the Android source code in which their latest versions are based on Android 2.3 known as Gingerbread. The teams for CyanogenMod and MIUI are currently working on Android 4.0 version called as Ice Cream Sandwich.

CyanogenMod has default UI and all its components are all similar to Android release, no unnecessary additional features while the MIUI completely customized the Android UI with one that similar to iOS from Apple.

Popular Android phones are most likely supported by either of the community. If it happens that you own an unpopular one, it is still possible that somebody is currently working on a port for your Android device. Just search your model from both communities or in Android forums. However, be aware that several features of your unit may not work after installing any experimental Android firmware.

Another important thing to do before installing unofficial Android apps is to root your phone. Rooting is the process of unlocking the security settings put in place in OS to allow alteration on it. You may visit sites similar to and for your guidance in rooting.

You need to back-up your recent firmware and phone data in case you decide to reactivate your phone from previous version. Android apps such as ClockworkMod ROM Manager can help you to have back-up easily. For more information about this Android app, visit the developer’s site.

Get ready with the default android apps from Google if you are installing CyanogenMod since it does not include Google apps that usually pre-installed on any Android phones. You need to download a ZIP file containing installation packages for Android apps such as Android Market and Google Search.

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WerBoot Secure Anywhere for Android Phone |Mobile News

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Mobile news presents… Now days, many people tend to use smartphones that run Google’s Android OS. These smarphones are in a high risk of being stolen. In New York City, 40 percent from robberies stole cell phones that estimate over 11, 000 cell phones were stolen within the city alone.

Do not worry if you are an Android user, why? There is an application that will help you track your stolen smartphone. Security Anywhere Mobile is an application created by WeBroot to identify whether your smartphone is lost or stolen or even track your phone.

When your phone is missing, you can send signals to secure your smartphone – in that case, your smartphone is no longer usable. You can also delete data and information such as personal information, contacts, messages, email and other important data. You can also navigate your smartphone through the use of the application so you could see where your smartphone is located.

If you have lost your smartphone now, then Secure anywhere can initiate a loud alarm for you to locate your smartphone. The application also works with a temporary password to a family member or a friend in case of forgetting your password – so you could access to your smartphone.

A free version of WerBoot Secure Anywhere is available in Android Market. For full version, it requires $19.99. (c) 2012

Top 10 apps for Google’s Android supported smartphones and tablets |Mobile apps News

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Mobile news presents… Google’s Android OS has been the undisputed operating system in the smartphone market while it ranks no. 2 on tablets.

As the giant continues to expand, Android apps have been the source of its success and its fast increase has amazed experts. We have seen last year that Google’s Android OS outcast iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry OS and even Windows Phone. According to a report that Google had acquired 52 percent of smartphone users who use Android OS while 17 percent goes to Symbian and followed by iOS of 15 percent.

As Android users increase, the demand of Android apps also increases. What makes it to a prompt increase? It’s because most of the application on the Android market are free! There are many developers who create apps for different demands.

So here are the top 10 apps that are useful or may be important for individual.

• Astro File Manager
Astro File Manager allows you to manage your file, browse your file and even arrange your file. The apps allows you to cut, copy and paste files, rename the file if you want and you can also compress your file and attach it on email – just like what you do on your desktop. The apps is free, but proceeding to the premium version requires $4.00.

• Gtask Task Manager
The application syncs your desktop Google Tasks that allows you to access Gmail and Google Calendar’s web version. This app is installed in every smartphones that run Google’s Android.

• Google Music
If Apple has its own iTunes, well, Google has its own Google Music also! The application allows you to search your favourite artist’s songs and play it through streaming online. More than 20, 000 songs are available – that makes sense to save phone storage space, why? You don’t have to save music files to your phone, but rather listen to Google Music.

• Seesmic
It is an app that allows you to post and manage your Tweeter account. Seesmic is better than Tweeter for Android. It has home widget that shows latest tweets and was designed well that makes it more professional.

• Facebook for Android
Everybody loves Facebook! The application allows you to manage and modify your account just likely to be on desktop that keeps you on the go. Inbox support was updated to the application that allows user to communicate in almost a real time. The app is good enough, fast and stable – the design will let you reminisce of you first time of using Facebook.

• Google Wallet
This app is most convenient to those people who are afraid to bring cash or even reluctant to bring some money. Google now offers an application that allows a user to carry an electronic wallet without the use of real money. This will allow you to pay your bills through the use of Google Wallet that is installed in your smartphone.

• BeyondPod
This app achieved great reviews from people who have been using BeyondPod. The application will let you manage your audio and video podcast subscription. BeyondPod will equip with your Android’s music player after installing. The application is free; proceeding to the premium version will require $7.00 payment.

• TweetDeck
The application will allow you to post on different social networking site in just one click. The features include Facebook and Tweeter. The application works with a presenting timeline, DMs and replies that were separated on the panel.

• Google Reader
The application gives an additional function to your surfing purposes. It works with the support of multiple Google accounts and plenty of thread customisation options.

• SnapTax
SnapTax will help you manage your tax payment and provides you an image of your W-2. The information will then be sent to receive your tax returns. This app is suitable for those people who want their tax process infallible and the app is free! When using the app, it requires $19.99 for filing the tax details.

Again, as the population of Android users continues to increase, the demand of Android application also increases. These top 10 useful or may be important application may serve a guide on what to download for your Google’s Android supported smartphone. (c) 2012

Mobile News: Vimeo app for Android and Windows Phone

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Vimeo introduces its first new application for Android and Windows Phone supported devices. The application works with account or even without an account.

The app is visible for a 3×3 grid which is not large enough to video your liked video and mark it again to watch it later. The application can also be used in watching videos that were saved on the handset. Though it has some bug issues, application is good enough for ever day video playing.

The Vimeo app does contain what the web version and developer’s made a good job on it. The video does play good even though you need higher speed internet connection for smoother and faster buffer.
Over all, the application is good but the Web version is lot way better.

The application will also allow you to upload videos that were recorded using the device. Just press the Camera button then you will get to the video recording mode. But what makes user puzzled is that after recording the video, it immediately returns to the app without asking you if you want to upload the recorded video.

Some amateurs commented that the application is much gorgeous and looks official than the Web version. But if we are going to compare with YouTube application, it works perfect than the Vimeo. More bug issues and lack of functions.

However, the first Vimeo application for smartphones is a good idea but it only features few functions. For sure, Vimeo regulars would chose to use the Web version than the mobile version. Overall the app is average and not too appealing. (c) 2012