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Mobile News: Apple Is the Top 3 Mobile Phone Manufacturer

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Mobile news – More mobile consumers are now using smartphones and sales on feature phones, which usually available as messaging only phones, is declining. The declined sales of feature phones is one of the major reasons why Apple is now ahead of LG in market share.

Nokia still has the largest market share with 26.6 percent market share but its sales is down by 8.2 percent from the previous year which is also affected by the sales of its feature phones.

Samsung managed to have 22.8 percent market share which put the company to the second place. The major reason why the company managed to stay at the second place ahead of Apple is its increased smartphone sales including the Galaxy SII, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Nexus. Samsung is also making aggressive push to Windows phone market with its Focus Flash and the Focus S. Samsung year over year experienced 20.9 percent growth.

Apple, which is in the third place, experienced 128.4 percent growth from previous year while LG, which has a lot of feature phones in the market, was down 42.2 percent from previous year. ZTE is in the fifth place with 4.0 percent market share.

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Mobile News: The Success of iPhone 4s Brought Apple into Third Spot for Global Phones Sales

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Mobile news – The data released by research firm IDC indicated that sales of iPhone saw a dramatic increase by 128 percent in the fourth quarter for 2011 over the same quarter in 2010.

The research firm attributed to the increase mainly because of iPhone 4S, which was released last October. The company took a leap over LG and ZTE in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The weaker global macroeconomic conditions affected the mobile phone market, according to research analyst Kevin Restivo of IDC’s Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker. The introduction of iPhone 4S and other high-growth products largely contributed to the smartphone growth in the fourth quarter. However, overall market growth still low since the Q3 of 2009 when the global financial crisis was in its peak.

Apple managed to sell 37 million phones in the fourth quarter which able the company to own 8.7 percent market share of the global phone market, more than doubled the 4 percent market share it owned in the fourth quarter of 2010. For the whole year, Apple able to sell 93 million phones for a 6 percent market share, almost 100% increase over 2010.

Nokia and Samsung continue to dominate the mobile phone market which sold 113 million and 97 million units respectively in the fourth quarter. Nokia still has the biggest market share despite the decreased of its market by 8.2% making to manage 30.7 percent market share. Contrary to Nokia, Samsung’s increased market share is reflected nearly 21 percent increase.

Overall, the total worldwide sales of mobile phones increased to 6.1 percent which is higher than the 4.4 percent predicted growth by IDC. Phone makers able to sell 1.54 billion phones for the entire 2011, an 11.1 percent increase over 2010.

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Mobile News Update on the Rivalry Between Apple and Samsung

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

European Union recently announces that it started to conduct a formal investigation regarding alleged effort of Samsung to hinder competitors. Another hit received by Samsung was the decision of Germany to block sales of some of its tablet computers.

The two giant companies have been disputing over patents in various courts around the world as they are striving to get a greater market share over the other, particularly in mobile industry.

The move of EU’s antitrust watchdog to conduct a formal investigation is for them to find out whether the Korean company is using lawsuits over key patents on 3G wireless technology to prevent competitors from doing their business competitively including Apple.

The European Commission is functioning as the EU’s antitrust enforcer. EC suspected Samsung for depriving other companies to have fair access to patents it holds on standardized 3G technology for mobile devices despite agreeing to do so back in 1998.

The investigation also affected tablets including the newest iPad from Apple which runs with standardized wireless 3G technology.

The Commission mentioned that Samsung looked legal injunctions in 2011 against other mobile device manufacturers in different EU states for patent infringement.

According to EU patent rules, a company is required to license its patented standardized products out indiscriminately at a fair price.

If found guilty of not complying with EU patent rules, Samsung can be fined as much as 10 percent of its annual revenue related to the probe.

Patent analyst Florian Mueller said that Samsung has to react carefully with the probe. According to Mueller, Samsung has involved several legal proceedings against Apple in Europe including in Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and France. It also sued Apple in the U.S., Japan, Australia and Japan. Mueller, who has been closely monitoring the dispute between Apple and Samsung, expected that the latter may now tend to withdraw its court case against Apple in response to the recent mobile news of the European probe.

The dispute between the two giant companies started when California-based Apple took legal action against Samsung in April 2011 for alleged copying of product design, UI and packaging. Apple was particularly referring to Samsung’s Galaxy devices for copying iPhone and iPad.

Samsung then responded by filing its own legal case accusing Apple of patent infringement of its wireless telecommunications technology. European Commission spokesman said that it launch a probe after a thorough investigation of the market and not because of complaints of several competitors of Samsung. However, the Commission sent antitrust questionnaires to Samsung and Apple in 2011.

The spokesman announced that similar investigation will be conducted against other companies which strategically stop their competitors in selling similar devices by using patent lawsuits.

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics spokesman Nam Ki-yung said that details of the launched probe were examined thoroughly by his company but he did not give any further comment.

In separate mobile news, a court of appeals in Germany ruled in favor of Apple in its copyright infringement case against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 8.9. The court prohibits Samsung to sell the said products in violation of unfair competition laws saying that Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 resembled the iPad2.

However, Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1N was not included in the ruling and the company downplays the ruling saying that it is largely irrelevant.

In an official statement issued by Samsung to The Associated Press, the company said that the ruling is of little factual relevance because of the new model Galaxy Tab 10.1N making the decision irrelevant with respect to other legal proceedings that involve Galaxy Tab 10.1N. The company added that it will continue to take all appropriate measures to allow consumers to enjoy all of their innovative products. (c) 2012

Mobile news: iPad3 to have Quad-core Processor

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Mobile news presents… The release of iPad3 is the most anticipated event this year. Apple confirm that iPad3 will be released this coming March of this year.

According to Bloomberg that Apple’s manufacturing alliance Foxconn from Aisa has already exposing production of the iPad3 and aiming to hit optimum production level this coming February.

The iPad3 will have a Quad-core processor and a GPU that was 4x of iPad2 resolution. IPad3 was also said to have 10-inch of size.
The iPad3 will not have the newer version of Retina display which iPhone 4s possessed. The Retina Display was endorsed by Steve Jobs before in which it features 300ppi that a single pixel is not visible or cannot be seen by human eyes. Some critics reacted and say it was a false advertising.

The device will also have a standard screen resolution of 2048×1536. It will also support LTE 4G network for faster data sharing. 4G sites on UK will not be available until 2013 while South Korea, US and Germany will have 4G coverage.

Apple still led the tablet market share selling 40 million iPads and earned revenues of $25.3bn a total of 60% of the share and 40% from Google according to IDG.

The iPad3 will be the first device to be released by Apple after the death of Steve Jobs. People are looking forward to the company that Tim Cook will create devices that are the same to Steve Job’s technology taste. (c) 2012

Face detection and touch recognition for unlocking smartphone

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Mobile news presents… The two Giants, Google and Apple announced the all new feature that detects user through sight and touch recognition. This will be a new era of unlocking smartphones and tablets as we are already used in using combinations or sliding to unlock our devices.

Apple signed its new patent ‘Low Threshold Face Recognition’ in US patent office to equip facial recognition on iOS software last week. In the new patent, it is time to say goodbye in sliding or using combinations in unlocking iPod, iPad and iPhone.

“Using a forward-facing camera to recognise an individual user, future iPhones and iPads from Apple could automatically customise applications, settings and features to a user’s personal preferences once they pick up the device.” Apple said.

The Apple Insider Blog explained that the concept will focus on a high information portion of a human face rather than analyzing the whole face which can drain the handset.

The face recognition works through placing your face on the front camera’s sight; once sighted, the phone will immediately measure the distance of the eyes and the mouth of the user and compares it to the original picture which was captured by the user and if passed, the phone unlocks.

In additional, when the phone detects the user, it can access to its customized settings and wallpaper otherwise, guest user will not be able to experience the customized settings.

Google Android supported phones had already built face recognition tool on their platforms – handset with front camera.

Google is still fixing on users complain concerning on the face recognition tool. However, the new concept would not officially terminate the passwords yet until the Face recognition concept will be free of bug issues. (c) 2012

iCade Mobile news – A Gaming Controller for iPhone

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Mobile news presents… Strap your iPhone into the iCade Mobile to get a better mobile gaming experience.