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Mobile News: The New iPad Plays HD Video Content with High-Resolution Graphics

Monday, March 12th, 2012

The new iPad will be available to the public starting March 16, 2012. Its main draw to the consumers is its high-resolution graphics and its ability to play HD video content.

The new iPad features better pixel density than the 1080p (1920×1080) widescreen displays use for creative content design. It is even better than HD television when playing Blu-Ray DVDs at 1080p content. Television stations in the U.S. broadcasts to limited 1080i or the more common 720p resolution.

The new iPad screen gives detailed mobile visualization that was impossible not so long ago. Can other competing devices running in other operating systems such as Android and Windows be able to match or even surpass this feature?

Several announcements have been made regarding the upcoming 1080p (1920×1080) on Android devices such as the quad-core Asus Transformer Infinity Pad 700 and the Huawei Mediapad 10 FHD. However, Apple shows off better performance in GPU of the nVidia Tegra 3 (Kal-El) SoC that major tablet devices will be basing in the future.

Additionally, there is no word yet from Apple’s major competitors, such as Android and Windows, regarding what battery technology and life they will use. One thing that is certain now, Apple will be bringing first the high-resolution mobile apps expected to appear on the new iPad.

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New iPad: Apple Did Not Bother to Number its New iPad Creation

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Mobile news presents… Apple chief executive officer (CEO) Tim Cook emphasized the theme that the future in computing is tablet as it launched Apple’s new iPad. It promises a much sharper screen, better graphics and supports LTE networks. The price of the new iPad is similar to the iPad 2 launched in 2011. The new iPad will be available in the U.S. and Canada beginning on March 16, 2012. The company is currently accepting pre-orders for the iPad.

Other improved features of the new iPad is its 5-megapixel camera which is similar to iPhone 4 technology and it also includes a Siri-like dictation mode of iPad2.

Mobile news bloggers can’t help but notice the Apple’s decision not bothering to number its creation. The new model of iPad is simply called “new iPad.”Many speculated that the latest model of iPad would be called iPad 2 HD, the iPad HD or the iPad 3. It is quite strange that the company will call the future of its post-PC drive simply “new iPad.”

It can be concluded that maybe the company decided not to number its new iPad because there are no major changes to it. The iPad’s A5X, for instance, does not look like it is much stronger graphics performer than the previous model.

There is an ongoing concern for consumers outside the U.S. and Canada. It is said that the new iPad’s radio frequencies are not compatible with to other countries’ 4G frequencies. The device will support the 700MHz and 2100MHz LTE bands, according to info page of Apple UK. However, Europe used 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2600MHz LTE bands which clearly do not match the new iPad radio frequencies. Europe is using MDM9600 baseband chip of Qualcomm. Other countries such as Japan do not even have LTE support.

Meanwhile, many interested consumers experience difficulty buying the new Ipad online. They reported that they experienced hang up on processing orders online. Many also reported about the delayed shipping in ordering the device.

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Preferred Mobile Apps in Watching Online Videos |Mobile News

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Many people now days tend to use Youtube for watching online videos. We cannot deny the fact that enormous numbers of computer enthusiast watch their favourite videos on Youtube. We tend to use the Youtube application on our smartphones, tablets and desktops. Even Android devices have Youtube application installed including on Apple’s devices

There are many applications that allows user to watch online videos and stream just as the same like Youtube. People are required to be open-minded and explore other applications.

Below are applications that are recommended to try and are different from Youtube.

Showyou – iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for free
Showyou does a great job in streaming videos that are uploaded by active members. Videos are categorized depending on your interests like Youtube. The application was alienated hooked on a sequence of grids that separates popular videos, individuals and broadcasters you preferred to chase. Videos uploaded by your friends on Facebook and Twitter that are in your contacts will also be separated on another portion.

Showyou chooses a catchy caption of every video that makes visitor interested and videos are arranged by popularity or even backwards. For iOS and second generation Apple TV users can experience watching videos on full size with Apple’s AirPlay wireless connectivity service. Showyou is also available for Android users but is only exclusive for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets.

Touchtv – iPad for free
The Touchtv application covers news, sports and entertainment including 40 media partners such as ESPN, CBS and Travel Channel. The application does not give live networks from channels covered but at least you can watch missed episodes. Though the application has many things to improve, it can be useful in any way especially when you have not paid your cable bill. With this application, you do not need to rely on your cable or satellite.

IntoNow ¬– iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android for free
IntoNow was titled to be the best networking apps in iPad. IntoNow features voice recognition technology that similar to Shazam and Sound Hound applications. The app also recognizes programs that you are watching and gives information about the program every commercial break. You can also share statuses from friends who had installed IntoNow on their devices. The application was also founded by Yahoo.

Fanhattan – iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for free
This application features an integrated video streaming and social networking. It serves as a search engine focusing on television shows and movies. The application automatically suggests movies and shows depending on your interests and most-viewed by your friends. iTunes and VUDU preview and rent or purchase videos can also be seen using the app.

Viggle – iPhone, iPod Tough for free
Viggle is like INtoNow where it can recognize the show you are watching. What makes it amusing is that you will be rewarded from checking in to your favourite shows in all time. You will be receiving coupons from the likes of Amazon, Starbucks and Fandango.

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Mobile news: iPad3 to have Quad-core Processor

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Mobile news presents… The release of iPad3 is the most anticipated event this year. Apple confirm that iPad3 will be released this coming March of this year.

According to Bloomberg that Apple’s manufacturing alliance Foxconn from Aisa has already exposing production of the iPad3 and aiming to hit optimum production level this coming February.

The iPad3 will have a Quad-core processor and a GPU that was 4x of iPad2 resolution. IPad3 was also said to have 10-inch of size.
The iPad3 will not have the newer version of Retina display which iPhone 4s possessed. The Retina Display was endorsed by Steve Jobs before in which it features 300ppi that a single pixel is not visible or cannot be seen by human eyes. Some critics reacted and say it was a false advertising.

The device will also have a standard screen resolution of 2048×1536. It will also support LTE 4G network for faster data sharing. 4G sites on UK will not be available until 2013 while South Korea, US and Germany will have 4G coverage.

Apple still led the tablet market share selling 40 million iPads and earned revenues of $25.3bn a total of 60% of the share and 40% from Google according to IDG.

The iPad3 will be the first device to be released by Apple after the death of Steve Jobs. People are looking forward to the company that Tim Cook will create devices that are the same to Steve Job’s technology taste. (c) 2012