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Preferred Mobile Apps in Watching Online Videos |Mobile News

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Many people now days tend to use Youtube for watching online videos. We cannot deny the fact that enormous numbers of computer enthusiast watch their favourite videos on Youtube. We tend to use the Youtube application on our smartphones, tablets and desktops. Even Android devices have Youtube application installed including on Apple’s devices

There are many applications that allows user to watch online videos and stream just as the same like Youtube. People are required to be open-minded and explore other applications.

Below are applications that are recommended to try and are different from Youtube.

Showyou – iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for free
Showyou does a great job in streaming videos that are uploaded by active members. Videos are categorized depending on your interests like Youtube. The application was alienated hooked on a sequence of grids that separates popular videos, individuals and broadcasters you preferred to chase. Videos uploaded by your friends on Facebook and Twitter that are in your contacts will also be separated on another portion.

Showyou chooses a catchy caption of every video that makes visitor interested and videos are arranged by popularity or even backwards. For iOS and second generation Apple TV users can experience watching videos on full size with Apple’s AirPlay wireless connectivity service. Showyou is also available for Android users but is only exclusive for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets.

Touchtv – iPad for free
The Touchtv application covers news, sports and entertainment including 40 media partners such as ESPN, CBS and Travel Channel. The application does not give live networks from channels covered but at least you can watch missed episodes. Though the application has many things to improve, it can be useful in any way especially when you have not paid your cable bill. With this application, you do not need to rely on your cable or satellite.

IntoNow ¬– iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android for free
IntoNow was titled to be the best networking apps in iPad. IntoNow features voice recognition technology that similar to Shazam and Sound Hound applications. The app also recognizes programs that you are watching and gives information about the program every commercial break. You can also share statuses from friends who had installed IntoNow on their devices. The application was also founded by Yahoo.

Fanhattan – iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for free
This application features an integrated video streaming and social networking. It serves as a search engine focusing on television shows and movies. The application automatically suggests movies and shows depending on your interests and most-viewed by your friends. iTunes and VUDU preview and rent or purchase videos can also be seen using the app.

Viggle – iPhone, iPod Tough for free
Viggle is like INtoNow where it can recognize the show you are watching. What makes it amusing is that you will be rewarded from checking in to your favourite shows in all time. You will be receiving coupons from the likes of Amazon, Starbucks and Fandango.

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Mobile Payment Apps

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Mobile news presents… People can now order a product in a certain business establishment and walk out without using a wallet. Nobody would chase you down because upon entering the establishment, the Card Case app on your iPhone detected the store’s perimeter and automatically switched on. It broadcast your picture to the cashier, who could then tap your pre-entered credit card number to cover all your bills. The phone need not necessarily leave your pocket.

Square is the company behind this app duplicating the online buying experience to the real world. Director of products at Square Megan Quinn said that their company just wanted to focus on building the relationship between the merchant and customer and removing the mechanics of the transaction.

Square is not the only company working really hard to remove the negative aspect of mobile payments. Challenges in mobile payments are also been addressed in various ways by Google, Visa, MasterCard, VeriFone, eBay’s PayPal division and joint effort by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. In most cases, these businesses are not in the same direction with Square, which they let people to tap their phone near a terminal to transact payment.

Mobile payment allows people to leave their wallet at home and only use their phone for payment if this can reach to the masses. However, customers must clamor for this payment system in order for retailers to strive to apply the system. A customer will not use this mobile system either until there is great number of customers using it.

While Google’s Wallet payment app has 150,000 retailers nationwide, which accept payments over MasterCard’s NFC-based Paypass readers, Square started at small merchants having around 20,000 accept Card Case.

Another challenge in mobile payment is to develop a system that represents more than a little improvement over what people do today. IBM executive David Mangini said that developer of mobile payment should offer customers a compelling reason to get into it. He added that the mobile payment system must be just as convenient and just as widely accepted and at the same time just as safe.

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Mobile News: The Success of iPhone 4s Brought Apple into Third Spot for Global Phones Sales

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Mobile news – The data released by research firm IDC indicated that sales of iPhone saw a dramatic increase by 128 percent in the fourth quarter for 2011 over the same quarter in 2010.

The research firm attributed to the increase mainly because of iPhone 4S, which was released last October. The company took a leap over LG and ZTE in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The weaker global macroeconomic conditions affected the mobile phone market, according to research analyst Kevin Restivo of IDC’s Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker. The introduction of iPhone 4S and other high-growth products largely contributed to the smartphone growth in the fourth quarter. However, overall market growth still low since the Q3 of 2009 when the global financial crisis was in its peak.

Apple managed to sell 37 million phones in the fourth quarter which able the company to own 8.7 percent market share of the global phone market, more than doubled the 4 percent market share it owned in the fourth quarter of 2010. For the whole year, Apple able to sell 93 million phones for a 6 percent market share, almost 100% increase over 2010.

Nokia and Samsung continue to dominate the mobile phone market which sold 113 million and 97 million units respectively in the fourth quarter. Nokia still has the biggest market share despite the decreased of its market by 8.2% making to manage 30.7 percent market share. Contrary to Nokia, Samsung’s increased market share is reflected nearly 21 percent increase.

Overall, the total worldwide sales of mobile phones increased to 6.1 percent which is higher than the 4.4 percent predicted growth by IDC. Phone makers able to sell 1.54 billion phones for the entire 2011, an 11.1 percent increase over 2010.

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iCade Mobile news – A Gaming Controller for iPhone

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Mobile news presents… Strap your iPhone into the iCade Mobile to get a better mobile gaming experience.

Stolen iPhone 4S still communicates after a remote wipe

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

A stolen iPhone 4s still communicates – receive and send iMessages even though iPhone had already wiped the remote of the handset as reported.

It was reported that the original owner had already deactivated and wiped the remote of the handset but it can still receive iMessages and it was reactivated using a new number.

iMessages is an application of iOS 5 which allows the iOS users to send free messages which is restricted to iOS users only and it was released on October, 2011. This is also the most discussed application since this will affect the industry of SMS carries.

It was suggested by some users that deactivating an iPhone with the original SIM card inserted will allow the iPhone to reactivate again when the phone has restored. In other words, it won’t give a thoroughly cleaned result to the phone if SIM card is inserted.

Jacqui Cheng had spoken to the iOS security expert regarding to the bug issues to be resolved after iPhone has been unresponsive to the user’s comments and suggestions concerning the issue.

“I can only speculate, but I can see this being plausible…iMessage registers with the subscriber’s phone number from the SIM, so let’s say you restore the phone, it will still read the phone number from the SIM. I suppose if you change the SIM out after the phone has been configured, the old number might be cached somewhere either on the phone or on Apple’s servers with the UDID of the phone.”

A resolution was done by a user claimed that he erased his old Apple ID completely but many users opposed to his resolution since it may neglect your iTunes and App Store purchases.

Kim Hunter twits about the denial of Apple’s Security Unit about the security problem after the suggestion of some users of turning off the iMessages. iPhone remains mute about the problem.

For now, iPhone is fixing bug issues on their softwares, not just iMessages but also iCloud and other applications which have to be resolved. iCloud was subjected to intermittent outage and iPhone is a half way to fix the issues. As of now, iPhone’s primary concern is to fix the issues for the satisfactory of the iOS users. (c) 2011