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Nokia Filed Patent on a Tattoo That Vibrates When A Phone Receives Call, Text or Email Alert

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Nokia made a technology that would let users not to miss again a call, text or an email alert. The company has filed a patent for a tattoo that would notify a user whenever someone tried to contact his phone through sending a perceivable impulse to the skin.

The phone would communicate with the tattoo through magnetic waves, according to the patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The tattoo would act as a receiver while the phone emits magnetic waves. When waves get into the tattoo, it would set off sensation to the skin.

The patent also indicates that customization on the physical response is also possible depending on who is calling just like having different ringtones for specific person.

A reporter who first learned about the patent filing says that the synchronization technology between a tattoo and a phone is similar to synching phones with a Bluetooth.

Nokia’s patent suggests using ferromagnetic ink to magnetized tattoo including an ink with compounds like iron or iron oxide.

The ink is heated prior going to the skin of the user to get high temperature and temporarily demagnetize. The user remagnetizes the tattoo after getting it by repeatedly running a magnet over tattooed spot.

Nokia also proposes a slightly less invasive version of the technology including a sticker-like magnetic receiver that could be worn and would also vibrate when the phone rings.

Ghana Can Now Enjoy the Nokia Asha Phones | Mobile News

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Mobile news… Nokia has officially made available its Asha phones to Ghanaian market. The company unveiled the Asha 201 and Asha 303 during a trade event held in Accra.

These phones are targeted to people who want affordable phones but like to get connected always in the internet wherever, whenever. Asha phones come in full QWERTY keypad for faster and easier text input.

Chris Brown of Nokia Nigeria said that Asha phones allow users to send text messages, emails and chat with anyone conveniently, thanks to the advantage of QWERTY keypad.

According to mobile news sources, Asha phone owners can check status update and tweet right on their home screen and download free applications from the proprietary Nokia store.

Account manager Kolawole Osinowo said that Asha means hope and these phones are materialization of the next generation’s ambition thus, Nokia was launching an ambition and not devices.

Another interesting thing about the Asha phones is that they come with free one month internet access. This is made possible because of the partnership of Nokia and the led leading operator MTN. Osinowo said that Nokia continues its commitment to develop phones that best suit consumer needs. He added that Nokia Asha phones are trendy and offer lots of great applications for young people.

Nokia Asha 201 is fully equipped with social network platforms that allow user to stay connected in major social networking sites including Facebook. It is noted in mobile news online that Asha 201 also has good quality loudspeakers which enable owners to share favorite music with friends and consumers also can store as much as 32 GB of data with a microSD memory card.

Nokia Asha 303 has all tools in the home screen allowing users to view updates from social networking sites and also tweet right in the home screen. Its touch screen features give convenience in navigation and in playing games. Its Nokia browser provides faster web-browsing experience to consumers. The Asha 303 is also cost-effective as the Nokia browser compresses consumer data by up to 90 percent allowing consumers to save money and time using the internet via data.

Mobile News: Popular Mobile Phone Game “Angry Birds Space” Edition Won’t Be Available on Windows Phone Platform

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

The new edition of Angry Birds Space game won’t appear on Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Phone platform, a move that will greatly affect to handset maker Nokia Oyj.

The maker of the game Rovio Entertainment Oy decided not to sell the game in Windows Phone app store. Rovio’s chief marketing officer Peter Vesterbacka said that while they are the No. 1 app in the Windows Phone app store, it is a big task to support it and you have to entirely rewrite the application. The company has just recently started to sell the game for iPhone and Android running phones.

Nokia was changing its OS to Windows Phone in hope to revive its struggling smartphone business. The lack of the popular games such as Angry Birds may lose its potential customers who are game-oriented. Moreover, the move of Rovio could affect Nokia’s effort to persuade developers that its platform is growing.

Nomura analyst Richard Windsor said that the latest development will not do any good for Windows Phone because it suggests that Rovia does not have confidence in its future.

Stephen Elop, Nokia chief executive officer, has released different Windows Phones since October 2011 and plans to introduce the handsets to China, where Angry Birds started in 2011.

Vesterbacka said that China has been its second-largest market but it has a potential to be the biggest market in 2012.

James Etheridge, Nokia spokesman, is yet to give comment regarding the latest development.

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Mobile News India: Nokia Plans to Close Down Financial Service

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Nokia plans to shut down its Nokia Money financial service in India as it continues to concentrate in phone business and location-based services. According to the spokesman of the company, the reason for its plan exit is to focus on its core.

Wireless industry experts think that financial services can bring boost in the industry but Nokia only managed to become successful on this business opportunity in Kenya and the Philippines because of regulations and business model issues in other areas.

Financial service has been crowded by different industries including banks, credit card companies, telecom operators and technology firms such as Nokia.

Executive of mobile consultancy Strand Consult, John Strand, said that the market is very crowded and Nokia’s role in that business was not established.

Nokia is still in revamping process with its new chief executive Stephen Elo, who started to take his task in September 2010 as the company strives to get back at tip top shape.

The company has shut down majority of its mobile services under previous management and has also cutting number of employees as it tries to fight its decreasing market share.

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Mobile News: The Magic in Sony Xperia Sola

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Mobile news – Sony Mobile Communications announced the newest addition to its portfolio of Android smartphones, the Xperia Sola. The new Android powered Xperia is complete with Sony technology boasting the company’s premium entertainment and innovative floating touchTM navigation. The Xperia Sola is equipped with Xperia SmatTags, allowing users to experience the convenience of changing settings and applications of their smartphones that would best fit their lifestyle. Xperia Sola is available in black, white and red colors.

The floating touch of magic technology is making its debut in Xperia Sola. This technology allows users to navigate the web by just hovering their finger above the screen to have a moving cursor. Once users found the desired link it can be highlighted and to open the page, a simple tap is all it needs. Floating touch promises to evolve through software updates and engagement with developers to always give consumers new user functionality and applications.

Everyday smartphone experience has never been the same with NFC enabled Xperia Sola that comes with two NFC SmartTags. Launching a pre-configured profile can be done by simply touching an NFC Android smartphone on a SmartTag. Users can personalized up to 10 commands with the two SmartTags.

Moreover, Xperia Sola boasts high quality clarity with its Reality Display technology made possible by Mobile BRAVIAR Engine. Other features that come with Sola are xLOUD and 3D surround sound audio technology for loud and crisp sound delivery, and a 1GHz dual-core for blazing fast performance.

Camera capturing is also fast with Xperia Sola in which it only takes a little over a second from sleep to snap with a single key press.

Video and music lovers can enjoy premium entertainment with Sony Entertainment Network through Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited.

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Huawei Wants to Become the Leading Smartphone Provider in the World

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Huawei is a leading smartphone provider in China, selling 20 million smartphones in different parts of the globe in 2011. This year, the company wants to become one of the biggest smartphone providers in the world. Huawei is now taking effort to accelerate its development of new mobile products such as Ascend D quad smartphone and MediaPad 10 FHD tablet. Moreover, the company also wants to boast its independently designed K3V2 quad-core processor, consider as one of its major achievement.

According to the company, K3V2 can be operated at either 1.2 or 1.5 GHz and it offers 30 to 50 percent better performance than Tegra3. The company considers the chip as the fastest quad-core processor available in the global market today.

The core competence of a hardware company in the industry is being measured for many years in its own processor development. Two major companies that successfully made presence in global mobile terminal industry are Apple and Samsung, both of them developed their own chips. Huawei’s goal as of the moment is to catch up the two leading mobile product manufacturers by developing high performance processor.

Secretary General of China Cellphone Union Lao Yao said that Huawei could build foundation of their mobile phone variations by developing the most basic technique.

While Huawei’s technical strength is highly recognized in Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, it still has a weak brand. The company was selling its products directly to operators making it having little contact with its users. It needs to have a new brand image in the market that could win wide recognition to enterprise and individual users.

I.T. analysts notice that most of Huawei’s marketing personnel only have little experience in brand marketing because they came from departments of operators. Experts say the company should get outside talents in marketing to introduce new brand marketing ideas.

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