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Mobile News Presents Nokia’s 4G Windows Phone | Phone Reviews Special

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Nokia has been trying to regain its popular status in the mobile marketplace. The mobile phone maker was sticking so long with its Symbian operating system while Apple and Google started to steal the show with their iOS and Android operating system respectively.

Few years back Nokia was the most popular in mobile phones along with Motorola and BlackBerry. They seemed to be virtually indestructible and they got great phone reviews.

Now, recent devices of Nokia get good phone reviews saying they are good looking good and interesting with a new Microsoft supported OS. However, they are not yet popular in the marketplace and would have to compete with the new technologies from other smartphones.

Particularly, the Nokia Lumia 710 got good phone reviews. Nokia said that the Lumia 710 is the first 4G Windows phone in America. There are more models to be released soon including the Lumia 800 which is already available in some foreign markets. Also, the most anticipated 900 will be coming soon. With its move to change OS, it seems that Nokia is ready to take on the competition.

The Lumia 710 operates with Windows Phone 7.5 OS, also known as Mango. It is totally different from Nokia’s phone in the past. It has a 1.4 gigahertz processor which is comparable to the fast phones available in the market today that cost a lot more.

The Lumia has a slightly tacky back covering that allows it not to easily slip out of your hands. Overall, the device seems to be designed with simplicity in mind.
This phone is only cheap in its quality. It is only sold for around $50.

Mobile News: The Magic in Sony Xperia Sola

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Mobile news – Sony Mobile Communications announced the newest addition to its portfolio of Android smartphones, the Xperia Sola. The new Android powered Xperia is complete with Sony technology boasting the company’s premium entertainment and innovative floating touchTM navigation. The Xperia Sola is equipped with Xperia SmatTags, allowing users to experience the convenience of changing settings and applications of their smartphones that would best fit their lifestyle. Xperia Sola is available in black, white and red colors.

The floating touch of magic technology is making its debut in Xperia Sola. This technology allows users to navigate the web by just hovering their finger above the screen to have a moving cursor. Once users found the desired link it can be highlighted and to open the page, a simple tap is all it needs. Floating touch promises to evolve through software updates and engagement with developers to always give consumers new user functionality and applications.

Everyday smartphone experience has never been the same with NFC enabled Xperia Sola that comes with two NFC SmartTags. Launching a pre-configured profile can be done by simply touching an NFC Android smartphone on a SmartTag. Users can personalized up to 10 commands with the two SmartTags.

Moreover, Xperia Sola boasts high quality clarity with its Reality Display technology made possible by Mobile BRAVIAR Engine. Other features that come with Sola are xLOUD and 3D surround sound audio technology for loud and crisp sound delivery, and a 1GHz dual-core for blazing fast performance.

Camera capturing is also fast with Xperia Sola in which it only takes a little over a second from sleep to snap with a single key press.

Video and music lovers can enjoy premium entertainment with Sony Entertainment Network through Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited.

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HTC Titan II |Phone Review

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Mobile news presents… HTC introduces Titan II that runs Windows phone 7.5 Mango with a 16 mega-pixel camera in CES 2012. Nokia released its first LTE 4G smartphone that runs Windows Phone Lumia 900, while HTC also made a smartphone that will also run Windows Phone with a 16 mega-pixelm Titan II.

Though the phone doesn’t have dual core processor, it is still equipped with preloaded applications for satisfying customer. The HTC Titan II will play with Nokia’s Lumia 900 in the market that both run Windows Phone with LTE 4G for faster data sharing.

The Titan II looks similar to its ancestor Titan. The new device has more lines and curves that makes the phone stylish and resembles to HTC Sensation – HTC’s smartphone that runs Google’s Android OS that marked the market last second quarter of 2011.
The device has a screen size of 4.7-inch – just the same size of Galaxy Nexus – and has a thicker dimension.
The device is also hard to use as it has a thicker dimension and bigger screen, you need to use your other hand to reach every corner of the phone – the same issue with Galaxy Note – if not, there is a high possibility of dropping the phone.
The device supports LTE 4G from AT&T and no Verizon yet as of now.
Regarding to its camera, there were many smartphone that has 12 mega-pixel camera built-in in CES but the Titan II’s 16 mega-pixel camera took the plot.
It has wide-angle lens, panorama mode and auto fix features. You can also press the Camera button even the phone is lock to initiate photo capturing.

Overall the phone was good, faster data sharing through LTE 4G, 16 mega-pixel camera for wider and detailed photos. Though the HTC Titan II is too big compared to a standard size smartphone, the phone is equipped with numerous features for customer’s satisfactory.

Microsoft did a good job on Windows Phone and maybe this is the start for Microsoft to sustain the competitive clash in smartphone industry.

Expect AT&T to release its own version of HTC’s Titan II that will offer an introduction price from $200 to $300 these coming months of this year. (c) 2012

Sony Xperia S |Mobile News

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Mobile news presents… Sony introduces in behalf of Ericson the Xperia S. The Xperia has a solid and class design of a smartphone with a curved back and an idiosyncratic plastic narrow piece unravelling its buttons from the main screen.

The Xperia has a 4.3 inch display that supports 720p HD resolution for inspiring movie watching. It has a 12 mega-pixel that gives excellent images compared to other smartphone devices.

The device is equipped with a 1.5 GHz processor for faster and smarter processes with 32GB of internal storage.

The Sony Xperia runs with Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread as announced by Sony but will have the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware update sooner and more modern skin for the device.

It is also equipped with HDMI-out port and NFC package. As Xperia is a product of Sony, the device will focus its features on movies and music as an access to the Sony Entertainment Network that differs to other leading smartphones.

The device was also believed to be the key player of Sony this year having the most excellent video and music player performance. (c) 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note |Mobile News

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Mobile news… Samsung introduces its first largest smartphone and not a small tablet, Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note is a 5-inch smartphone that is easy to carry and the largest version of Galaxy SII. Samsung Galaxy Note had already earned massive fans in smartphone section unlike to those other large smartphones as Galaxy Note looks promising.

When in terms of its designs and structures, Galaxy Note has a bigger size and its design really resemble to Galaxy SII – it’s like Galaxy SII was stretched. But when you are starting to use it, it is hard to reach every side of the screen due to its wideness unless you really have 3-inch thumb. At this case, you can comfortably use the Galaxy Note through the help of your other hand, if not; there is a high possibility of dropping your phone.

The phone is composed of plastics which weighs the phone light enough from its size. The phone is slimmer and that makes it easy to hold but overall, the Galaxy Note is Solid. It has a rubberized cover in the back and because it is an Android supported smartphopne, it has the 3 standard navigation button wich are Menu, Home and Back. The Galaxy Note has also a power button located at the upper right side and a volume rocker at the upper left side. The power button and volume rocker are high enough to reach if you are using one hand. But it always matter how you use the Galaxy Note.

Overall the Galaxy Note is good, nice design and light enough. Its plastic body makes the phone cheap and one thing, the phone is too big to use it one-hand.

About the display, the Galaxy Note has a 5.3 inch super AMOLED display that makes the smartphone powerful and gives a finer graphics experiences. Galaxy Note is also the first smartphone to be equipped with HD display that can give a highest resolution of 1280×800 pixels.

The phone uses the notorious PenTile matrix layout for the subpixel that gives a RG-BG layout instead of RGB layout – this will provide two subpixel in every pixel rather than the usual three. Every pixel contains green subpixel which are red or blue. One thing it differs to RGB display is that the layout lessens the sharpness of the display. Nevertheless, the insufficiency of sharpness is not noticeable at all.
The super AMOLED display will give you super black levels and wider view of angles, the display is also visible even in the presence of sunlight. The 5.3 inch display works well in watching videos, playing games and surfing the internet and gives you satisfactory.

About its hardware and software, The Galaxy Note runs with Google’s Android 2.3.6 which is Gingerbread. The device’s hardware is similar to Galaxy SII but differs to the processors speed as it handles dual core 1.4GHz Cortex A9 rather than Dual core 1.2GHz from SII. The Galaxy Note is equipped with Mali-400 GPU and 1GB of RAM with 2GB phone memory and 16GB USB storage (11GB for user’s storage). The external storage supports microSD card that ranges up to 32GB.

Because it is Samsung’s Galaxy Note, it is mounted with TouchWiz 4.0 interface – that would allow the big smartphone to run with Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The feature TouchWiz of Samsung gives extra functions that are useful.

About its User Interface or UI, the Galaxy Note is just the same with other Android supported smartphones. It has many Homescreen depending on the amount you desire, you can add or remove shortcut applications. You can also group your applications through different homescreens.

The Notification bar can be visible by sliding your finger from the top of the display going down. There you can see the important functions like WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, Sound and Auto Rotate.

With the Google’s Android Gingerbread, in Galaxy Note, there are many additional basic applications that are lacking from the previous update of the firmware like FM radio, voice recorder, stopwatch and countdown timer. It is also equipped with suitable File Manager, Video Player and Music player. About the video and music player, the device can now support many file formats – that would allow the Galaxy Note to play almost of the files. This shows that the Gingerbread is well built to the device and does not have any bug issues.

Samsung also features the Note taking application to let you draw on screen. The feature was good but doesn’t work very well – the application is not precise.

The device is equipped with powerful hardware but it seemed to differ from other smartphones. The Galaxy Note doesn’t really works smoothly as expected and it lags sometimes on certain applications. You would probably compare it with iPhone or any Windows Phone supported device as these smartphones has inferior hardware but works smoothly – this has been a common error in Android platform.

When in terms of its Handwriting ability, it works perfect recognition as it gives more precise when scribbling – it won’t disappoint you.

However, some applications do not have high resolution and it looks pretty bad on Galaxy Note but it is not a big deal. This is just the start of HD smartphones and soon, HD applications will also rise for HD smartphones.

About its camera, the Galaxy Note has an 8 mega-pixel in the upper most center with a LED flash on its left which is akin to Galaxy SII and one of the best camera on smartphones. The camera gives a precise quantity of details, contrast and color saturation that even in low-light areas, the camera can give satisfactory images. And because it is Galaxy Note, you will experience the massive viewfinder that make things look better.

The camera is also excellent when it comes to video recording, but when it comes to 1080p, the field of view drops down sometimes.

When we talk about video playback, the device works excellent as it gives a wider and clearer view of the video. The phone can almost play all video formats in 1080p resolution but one thing that disappoints is that the internal memory is formatted with FAT and the phone does not read NTFS file. The loud speaker is not loud enough, so it is better to use headphones when watching movies.

About the battery’s life span, it is not really a long last device. The super AMOLED display may only consume less power when on dark images otherwise it consumes a lot when on brighter images. Nevertheless the phone consumes a lot of power.

However, the Galaxy Note is good depending on your interest. Every smartphone has its own kryptonite and Galaxy Note has it also. The Galaxy Note may not resemble to the traditional size of smartphones and it may find you harder to put it on your pocket but it gives you a tablet experience on a 5.3 inch display smartphone. (c) 2012