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Apple and Samsung Dominated The Mobile Profit by 95 Percent |Mobile News

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Mobile news present… Michael Walkley, Canaccord Genuity analyst announced that Apple and Samsung gained more than 95 percent of mobile profit last quarter.

According to the analyst that Apple gained approximately 80 percent of mobile profits last fourth quarter from 56 percent of the previous third quarter that achieved 8.1 percent on mobile phone global market.

On the other hand, Samsung fluctuated from 26 percent to 15 percent of profit in the industry. Yet, Google’s Android platform increased from 35 percent to 39 percent.

Apple sold 37 million iPhones for the recent quarter hoping to earn $13 billion while Samsung stayed mute regarding its smartphone’s sold outs. One analyst spoiled out that Samsung had already earned more than $35 million.

In 2011, Apple and Samsung dominated the mobile industry to manage their own sales to compete and to win the market place from the consumers.

HTC acquired 3 percent from the global market last quarter while Nokia and RIM gained 2 percent profit from its mobile sales. Motorola and LG were defeated while Sony Ericsson declined 2 percent loss.

Other companies such as Nokia, RIM, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson have been straggling to survive in the mobile industry while Apple and Samsung dominated the market for survival and to gain the trust and interest from the consumers.

After the proclamation of Nokia and Microsoft association and after the abandonment of Nokia to Symbian OS, Nokia admitted that 2012 will be difficult to turn the wheel and yet they believe it is their turning point in the market place.

RIM confirmed to have shakeouts to release catchy smartphones. CEO Thorsten Heins hopes that the company with the new smartphones upcoming will regain back their loss from the previous years.

After Google bought some share from Motorola, the company still hoping that Google will lift the company and gain profit more than the previous quarters.

“With RIM, Nokia, HTC, and Sony Ericsson all in the midst of product transitions and Motorola Mobility merging with Google, we believe Apple and Samsung will maintain dominant share positions during [the first half of 2012].” said analyst Michael Walkley

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Mobile News Update on the Rivalry Between Apple and Samsung

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

European Union recently announces that it started to conduct a formal investigation regarding alleged effort of Samsung to hinder competitors. Another hit received by Samsung was the decision of Germany to block sales of some of its tablet computers.

The two giant companies have been disputing over patents in various courts around the world as they are striving to get a greater market share over the other, particularly in mobile industry.

The move of EU’s antitrust watchdog to conduct a formal investigation is for them to find out whether the Korean company is using lawsuits over key patents on 3G wireless technology to prevent competitors from doing their business competitively including Apple.

The European Commission is functioning as the EU’s antitrust enforcer. EC suspected Samsung for depriving other companies to have fair access to patents it holds on standardized 3G technology for mobile devices despite agreeing to do so back in 1998.

The investigation also affected tablets including the newest iPad from Apple which runs with standardized wireless 3G technology.

The Commission mentioned that Samsung looked legal injunctions in 2011 against other mobile device manufacturers in different EU states for patent infringement.

According to EU patent rules, a company is required to license its patented standardized products out indiscriminately at a fair price.

If found guilty of not complying with EU patent rules, Samsung can be fined as much as 10 percent of its annual revenue related to the probe.

Patent analyst Florian Mueller said that Samsung has to react carefully with the probe. According to Mueller, Samsung has involved several legal proceedings against Apple in Europe including in Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and France. It also sued Apple in the U.S., Japan, Australia and Japan. Mueller, who has been closely monitoring the dispute between Apple and Samsung, expected that the latter may now tend to withdraw its court case against Apple in response to the recent mobile news of the European probe.

The dispute between the two giant companies started when California-based Apple took legal action against Samsung in April 2011 for alleged copying of product design, UI and packaging. Apple was particularly referring to Samsung’s Galaxy devices for copying iPhone and iPad.

Samsung then responded by filing its own legal case accusing Apple of patent infringement of its wireless telecommunications technology. European Commission spokesman said that it launch a probe after a thorough investigation of the market and not because of complaints of several competitors of Samsung. However, the Commission sent antitrust questionnaires to Samsung and Apple in 2011.

The spokesman announced that similar investigation will be conducted against other companies which strategically stop their competitors in selling similar devices by using patent lawsuits.

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics spokesman Nam Ki-yung said that details of the launched probe were examined thoroughly by his company but he did not give any further comment.

In separate mobile news, a court of appeals in Germany ruled in favor of Apple in its copyright infringement case against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 8.9. The court prohibits Samsung to sell the said products in violation of unfair competition laws saying that Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 resembled the iPad2.

However, Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1N was not included in the ruling and the company downplays the ruling saying that it is largely irrelevant.

In an official statement issued by Samsung to The Associated Press, the company said that the ruling is of little factual relevance because of the new model Galaxy Tab 10.1N making the decision irrelevant with respect to other legal proceedings that involve Galaxy Tab 10.1N. The company added that it will continue to take all appropriate measures to allow consumers to enjoy all of their innovative products. (c) 2012

Samsung Sells Enough Phones | Mobile News

Friday, January 27th, 2012

The smartphone wars were focusing on Apple and Google, as well as Research in Motion and Microsoft are still in the industry finding ways to hit the market. While Samsung was successfully gained the market share as some surveys unveiled its recorded profit.

HTC presented its financial decline, while Samsung is still at the peak in where it sells over 35 million smartphones in the previous quarter.

From a recent survey, Google has been experiencing a deluge of new Android device activations with a current run rate of 255.5 million a year – that gives a 64 million per quarter.

Apple sold 35 million of iPhones last quarter, compared to 64 million that Google has. Who dominated the Android devices? We all know that it is Samsung.

Analysts believed that Samsung sold more than 35 million smartphones alone even though the company hasn’t reported about their unit sales.

As the current rates show us that Google Android dominates and to assume that Samsung also dominated the device, then Google will still be undefeated from being no. 1.

Even Motorola which was owned by Google now could not defeat the volume of Samsung smartphones that were sold-out.

Only Samsung can demand Google for changes like new technical directions and features to improve the sales in the industry. Most of the Android devices are Samsung and no other manufacturers can demand Google. Google cannot get rid from Samsung, as Google depends its success in Samsung and would not gamble to advice Samsung to use Windows Phone. (c) 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note |Mobile News

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Mobile news… Samsung introduces its first largest smartphone and not a small tablet, Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note is a 5-inch smartphone that is easy to carry and the largest version of Galaxy SII. Samsung Galaxy Note had already earned massive fans in smartphone section unlike to those other large smartphones as Galaxy Note looks promising.

When in terms of its designs and structures, Galaxy Note has a bigger size and its design really resemble to Galaxy SII – it’s like Galaxy SII was stretched. But when you are starting to use it, it is hard to reach every side of the screen due to its wideness unless you really have 3-inch thumb. At this case, you can comfortably use the Galaxy Note through the help of your other hand, if not; there is a high possibility of dropping your phone.

The phone is composed of plastics which weighs the phone light enough from its size. The phone is slimmer and that makes it easy to hold but overall, the Galaxy Note is Solid. It has a rubberized cover in the back and because it is an Android supported smartphopne, it has the 3 standard navigation button wich are Menu, Home and Back. The Galaxy Note has also a power button located at the upper right side and a volume rocker at the upper left side. The power button and volume rocker are high enough to reach if you are using one hand. But it always matter how you use the Galaxy Note.

Overall the Galaxy Note is good, nice design and light enough. Its plastic body makes the phone cheap and one thing, the phone is too big to use it one-hand.

About the display, the Galaxy Note has a 5.3 inch super AMOLED display that makes the smartphone powerful and gives a finer graphics experiences. Galaxy Note is also the first smartphone to be equipped with HD display that can give a highest resolution of 1280×800 pixels.

The phone uses the notorious PenTile matrix layout for the subpixel that gives a RG-BG layout instead of RGB layout – this will provide two subpixel in every pixel rather than the usual three. Every pixel contains green subpixel which are red or blue. One thing it differs to RGB display is that the layout lessens the sharpness of the display. Nevertheless, the insufficiency of sharpness is not noticeable at all.
The super AMOLED display will give you super black levels and wider view of angles, the display is also visible even in the presence of sunlight. The 5.3 inch display works well in watching videos, playing games and surfing the internet and gives you satisfactory.

About its hardware and software, The Galaxy Note runs with Google’s Android 2.3.6 which is Gingerbread. The device’s hardware is similar to Galaxy SII but differs to the processors speed as it handles dual core 1.4GHz Cortex A9 rather than Dual core 1.2GHz from SII. The Galaxy Note is equipped with Mali-400 GPU and 1GB of RAM with 2GB phone memory and 16GB USB storage (11GB for user’s storage). The external storage supports microSD card that ranges up to 32GB.

Because it is Samsung’s Galaxy Note, it is mounted with TouchWiz 4.0 interface – that would allow the big smartphone to run with Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The feature TouchWiz of Samsung gives extra functions that are useful.

About its User Interface or UI, the Galaxy Note is just the same with other Android supported smartphones. It has many Homescreen depending on the amount you desire, you can add or remove shortcut applications. You can also group your applications through different homescreens.

The Notification bar can be visible by sliding your finger from the top of the display going down. There you can see the important functions like WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, Sound and Auto Rotate.

With the Google’s Android Gingerbread, in Galaxy Note, there are many additional basic applications that are lacking from the previous update of the firmware like FM radio, voice recorder, stopwatch and countdown timer. It is also equipped with suitable File Manager, Video Player and Music player. About the video and music player, the device can now support many file formats – that would allow the Galaxy Note to play almost of the files. This shows that the Gingerbread is well built to the device and does not have any bug issues.

Samsung also features the Note taking application to let you draw on screen. The feature was good but doesn’t work very well – the application is not precise.

The device is equipped with powerful hardware but it seemed to differ from other smartphones. The Galaxy Note doesn’t really works smoothly as expected and it lags sometimes on certain applications. You would probably compare it with iPhone or any Windows Phone supported device as these smartphones has inferior hardware but works smoothly – this has been a common error in Android platform.

When in terms of its Handwriting ability, it works perfect recognition as it gives more precise when scribbling – it won’t disappoint you.

However, some applications do not have high resolution and it looks pretty bad on Galaxy Note but it is not a big deal. This is just the start of HD smartphones and soon, HD applications will also rise for HD smartphones.

About its camera, the Galaxy Note has an 8 mega-pixel in the upper most center with a LED flash on its left which is akin to Galaxy SII and one of the best camera on smartphones. The camera gives a precise quantity of details, contrast and color saturation that even in low-light areas, the camera can give satisfactory images. And because it is Galaxy Note, you will experience the massive viewfinder that make things look better.

The camera is also excellent when it comes to video recording, but when it comes to 1080p, the field of view drops down sometimes.

When we talk about video playback, the device works excellent as it gives a wider and clearer view of the video. The phone can almost play all video formats in 1080p resolution but one thing that disappoints is that the internal memory is formatted with FAT and the phone does not read NTFS file. The loud speaker is not loud enough, so it is better to use headphones when watching movies.

About the battery’s life span, it is not really a long last device. The super AMOLED display may only consume less power when on dark images otherwise it consumes a lot when on brighter images. Nevertheless the phone consumes a lot of power.

However, the Galaxy Note is good depending on your interest. Every smartphone has its own kryptonite and Galaxy Note has it also. The Galaxy Note may not resemble to the traditional size of smartphones and it may find you harder to put it on your pocket but it gives you a tablet experience on a 5.3 inch display smartphone. (c) 2012

New Android Firmware on Galaxy Nexus

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Mobile news – As Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Nexus with Gingerbread, now Galaxy Nexus will have a new firmware, Ice Cream Sandwich which is 4.0 version of Google’s Android platform.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is not quite good enough compared with the Galaxy S II. It has only 5 mega-pixels and the processor has a clock speed of 1+GHz.

Google announced that Ice Cream Sandwich is now available on smartphones, this means that any smartphones supported by Ice Cream Sandwich can also experience newest updates on tablets that carries Ice Cream Sandwich.

Google made an overall repair on every aspects of the system; this will give a new change on the firmware.

On the Galaxy Nexus, nothing has changed with its physical appearance; it has still a power button and a volume rocker. On Android 4.0 which is the Ice Cream Sandwich, the four traditional buttons at the bottom were revolutionized into three virtual buttons. Two of them are as is, the home and back buttons.
While the third button will let you access to the task manager were running programs are listed. With this new feature, you cannot just promptly transfer between applications but you can also close programs that are not useful which are running.

Regarding to the “crapware” (like we already talked about here on Mobile News), some smartphones may not be able to uninstall this application while some may. Google has nothing to do with this application, only the handset manufacturers and the carriers are responsible. The Galaxy Nexus neither have crapware installed nor modifying StockROMs in any way.

The old option button can be located at the top right portion of the screen. Google had installed necessary streamlining so it would not be useful all the time using the old option button.

But the most appealing feature of Ice Cream Sandwich is that it has face detector tool which unlocks the handset whenever the face of the user is detected. This feature works with the front camera. Some users complain about its defectiveness.

Furthermore, there are many improvements with the firmware like the ability to zoom in and out on calendar items, more Gmail options, more extensive use of voice commands, a revamped contacts app and etc. (c) 2012

Mobile news: Quad-core on Samsung Galaxy S III

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Rumours about Galaxy S III will have Quad-core processor. Samsung will unveil its Quad-core processor handset on Mobile World Congress in this coming February – and was believed by many that it is Galaxy S III.

From the previous year, Samsung produced moreover 10 million Galaxy S II globally since April. It runs a Dual-core processor ranging from 1.2GHz to 1.5GHz clock speed.

The Galaxy S III will represent the dive of Quad-core’s natural processor and it is not the first Quad-core handset since Asus’ Eee Transformer Prime uses Tegra 3 Quad-core from Nvidia.

Expect in 2012 that Quad-core processors will be built on Google’s Android supported handset like HTC, Motorola and etc if Samsung will integrate Quad-core chipset on its Galaxy S III. That would be good news for buyers since they will have options which Quad-core handset they will buy.

More Quad-core processor this year but it is not only about the processors but also about hardware that were built for our own interests. We may now reach the super-frenetic mobile as we go further every year.

However, as giant manufacturers will produce handset integrated with Quad-core chipset, expect Apple will do the same with its iPhone 5 or 6. (c) 2012