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Mobile News Update: Windows Phone 8 Apollo and the Competition

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Mobile news – Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS is apparently lagging behind in terms of innovation and development to its competitors, the iOS and Android. But observers think that Windows Phone 8 is different from its predecessors based on the leaked description of the OS.

The leaked was validated by Windows insider Paul Thurrott. It shows that Windows 8 phone also known as Apollo will be far better than Mango, codename of current version Windows Phone 7.5.

CTO of mobile VoIP app Tango Eric Setton said that there is an ongoing work to address the negative components of Mango and to remove some limitations of Windows Phone 7.5 in the soon to release version Apollo.

Mango, which was launched last October, is the current version of Windows Phone with some advanced features including built-in social media and chatting tools, multitasking, groups for organizing contacts and better Live Tiles. In the upcoming version of Windows Phone, Tango will be featured. Apollo is more likely to be released in the middle of this year.

Microsoft, remain silent about the supposedly leaked information about the upcoming Windows Phone but it offered information about its OS plans in general.

Microsoft spokesperson said that the company is thinking for a smarter smartphone such as in taking a picture, a phone should anticipate what the user will most likely to do next such as sharing the picture to a friend or on Facebook then help the user to do that easily. The spokesperson added that these kinds of features are just build in to Windows Phone.

Co-founder of iOS and Windows 8 app BarMax, Sina Mobasser, is excited about the news that Microsoft is making a strong push to match or even overcome the iOS and Android platforms. She thinks that Microsoft has more significant innovations in store and soon to be out in the market. She says that the leak is still a great look of what the new Windows has in store for mobile industry.

However, some have doubt if Apollo could really compete to iOS and Android by the time it will be available to the market in which most likely the iOS and Android will also release the new versions of their respective operating systems.

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Mobile News: Nokia’s Smartphones Sales Declined

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

The latest mobile news: Nokia announced that the company’s mobile sales had declined last final three months of 2011. Nokia lost after a tax of 1.08bn Euros – that’s $1.4bn; £905m – and its net sales fell 21% to 10bn Euros earlier on the previous year.

Net sales of mobile phones were down by a quarter.
Nokia released its first two smartphones that run Windows Phone Os in October last year. The company hopes that they will gain back their loss in the competition with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS.

According to Chief Executive Stephen Elop that, “The fourth quarter of 2011 marked a significant step in Nokia’s transformation. Overall, we are pleased with the performance of our mobile phones business.”

New models
Nokia was known from being the no. 1 cellphone manufacturer way back to the GSM era. But when smartphone started to turn the wheel, Nokia started to fall while Apple and Google were starting to play the market place.

To gain back their loss in the market place, Nokia decided to abandon Symbian OS and associated with Microsoft for their new image in smartphone industry – to have Windows Phone.

In October of last year, Nokia released its first Windows Phone smartphone Lumia 800 and 712 in Europe and Asia and went into US earlier of this month. Nokia sold 1 million devices of Lumia.

As we already reported at mobile news, Nokia also confirmed that the company will release new smartphone models in China and Latin America by the first half of this year.

According to the company that this year would be the turning point of Nokia and they will not possibly show any sales or profit forecasts.

Nokia announced on Wednesday that the company had already sold 1.5 billion mobile phones based on the S40 operating system. It sells 12 phones based on S40 family every second that estimated around 675 million active owners of S40 phones. (c) 2012

10 reasons why Nokia’s Windows Phone will succeed |Mobile News

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Mobile news… As Google and Apple lead the market share, we cannot deny the fact that Nokia and Microsoft are far behind with the two giant companies. The alliance of Nokia and Microsoft is a good start to make markings in smartphone history. After Nokia have been failing on the previous year producing smartphones that runs Symbian OS, now Nokia is back with the assistance of Microsoft and Intel for better and amazing smartphones ever.

Here are the 10 reason why Nokia and Microsoft will succeed in the mobile industry according to the mobile news this year or sooner.

1. Nokia’s smartphone models are appealing
The lumia series showed us a well designed smartphone that appealed the interest of smartphone users. Microsoft made a complete revision of its Windows Phone to temp customers to use Windows Phone supported devices such as Nokia and HTC’c Titan II. In CES 2012, people who attended the event were amazed to both Microsoft’s child, Nokia Lumia and HTC Titan. Nokia gives the best smartphone that are durable and worth the cost while Microsoft delivers a unique interface that differs to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

2. Nokia will gain back customer’s loyalty
Many smartphone enthusiasts were impressed and amazed to Nokia’s first Windows Phone supported smartphone series, The Lumia series. After struggling from the previous year and disappointing customer from Symbian OS, Nokia has come back with Microsoft to give their newest features that are far way different from the old one. As Nokia entered the US smartphone industry with their all new smartphones, there is a high possibility that customers would choose Nokia rather than iPhone and other Android supported devices.

3. Microsoft will gain back customer’s trust
After Microsoft had disappointed smartphone users from its previous Windows Phone OS, Microsoft now is working to give the best interface on smartphone ever, the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. They promised to have unique and original designs to impress people and temp them to use Windows Phone supported devices. When Windows Phone will successfully invite people to use it and satisfied, then trust from customers will take place.

4. Windows Phone 7 will attract enterprise customers
We all know that Apple had done a great job in delivering great business application as business men tend to use Apple’s devices for business purposes such as reporting and etc. We also had witnessed Microsoft succeeded on the previous years from their Microsoft Office on desktops and laptops. Microsoft is now working on Microsoft Office application for smartphone to have more functions just like on desktops and laptops – then there will be a high possibility that business men will choose Windows Phone supported devices for a handy business purposes.

5. Customers will likely to choose Windows Phone
Google’s Android leads the market as shown on a survey that has gained more than 50% of the market share. But what if people will realize that using Windows Phone is more precise and all their devices are more updated and stable? This will alarm Google as Google now started to receive complains from being inconsistent to its Firmware – Google unleashed a newer firmware which was Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but is limited to smartphone devices. If smartphone users will get rid from Google’s inconsistency, then customers would probably choose Windows Phone.

6. The prices are reasonable
We all know that Nokia produces expensive devices and Nokia could not deny that fact – Nokia admitted that being expensive was one of the factors why their sales went down. After learning from the past, Nokia now is offering low-end smartphones that are affordable for smartphone enthusiasts who wants to use Nokia. Nokia Lumia 710 was the cheapest Windows Phone in the Lumia series. This kind of strategy would allow people to by Nokia phones that are enough to their budget. When cheaper Windows Phone supported smartphone are available then it would catch the interest of the consumer like what Google’s Android powered devices did – they have low and high cost smartphones.

7. The marketing will start
T-Mobile introduced its own version of Lumia 710 in US last week then Lumia 900 was introduced in CES 2012. The introduction of Lumia series was a successful entry and if Nokia and Microsoft continue to do great jobs, then there is a possibility that they will beat those who are on the top and rule the smartphone markete.

8. A winning entry device
Nokia Lumia 710 is now available in the market and the entry of this low-end smartphone was successful. There were many good comments and most of the people were impressed – this would surely temp smartphone users to taste the high-end version of Lumia when they have bought the Lumia 710.

9. Nokia exposed great devices in CES 2012
Nokia exposed all great line ups of smartphones in CES 2012. People also witnessed the announcements of Lumia 900 done by Stephen Elop, Steve Ballmer, and Ralph Dela Vega with a missed call from Bill gates. Their entry to the smartphone industry would divert the interest of smartphone users.

10. Mobile news: Nokia gained majority attention in CES 2012
Apple was not able to participate the CES 2012, Google was there and other smartphone manufacturers. Even Apple wasn’t there, attendees tend to talk about Apple and compare devices from Apple’s devices. Other than that, Nokia and Microsoft successfully gained attention in CES 2012 as attendees were looking forward to Nokia, Microsoft and Intel’s announcements.

In mobile news summary, the association of Nokia and Microsoft had successfully built their new reputation in the smartphone industry as they both failed on the previous year. Nokia promises to make devices that are durable and originally well-designed both low and high cost smartphones as Microsoft continues to program Operating System for Mobile that are catchy, unique, preloaded with applications, full of features and originally designed interface. Overall, it was a great introduction from Nokia and Microsoft. (c) 2012

Windows Phone as the heart of attraction in CES 2012 |Mobile News

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Mobile news presents… People in CES 2012 were looking forward to witness the HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900 that both run with Windows Phone OS – a good news for Nokia to hit the market possibly this year.

Nokia’s CEO Steve Ballmer stated that, “The past year has really been the whole push to build what clearly can be the strong third ecosystem in the smartphone market, with a very differentiated point of view,”

The CES 2012 event was full of anticipation from attendees that have been looking forward on Nokia’s new generation smartphones especially the Lumia series and other Windows Phone smartphones.

“Why Windows Phone is Making Waves at CES” and “How Nokia’s Lumia 900 Windows Phone Won CES before It Even Started” are the questions that thumped the curiosity of individuals.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone VS Google’s Android
Microsoft gives the best and stable features to smartphones that will run Windows Phone while the Google’s Android OS allows manufacturers and carriers to customize the handset for their exposure.

Microsoft allows OEMs and carries to append features but is limited.

Microsoft Senior Product Manager Greg Sullivan announced that Nokia is allowed to append features such as pinning apps as Live Tiles on homesrceen and improving app level while HTC was granted to customize Titan II like adding a live tile HTC Hub and extra feature for the Camera that would allow to capture panorama mode and auto fix.

The Titan II of HTC has a 16 mega-pixel rear-facing camera while others have 8 mega-pixels and 12 mega-pixel rear-facing cameras and some of them don’t give satisfactory.

If Microsoft has its own Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, Google also has its own Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. According to an analyst Charles Golvin of Forrester that, “I think the excitement around ICS is really for developers to be able to craft apps that go seamlessly across phone and tablet,”

Galaxy Note and Sony Xperia are not too catchy for this year’s CES, we’ve been witnessing high-powered devices with multi-processor and it doesn’t seem to be new. The entry of Nokia is the most interesting as we tend to focus on new player, see what they can give to customers.

Nokia and Microsoft Alliance
As Nokia have been producing quality phones before, its OS makes the consumer disappointed. But now, after the announcement of the two companies Nokia and Microsoft collaboration earlier this year, people tend to look forward on what these two giant companies could give us.

According to Sullivan, “There’s been a great amount of pent-up demand to see the results of this relationship. Because of our different approach, I think every Windows phone is going to be the flagship. It’s true the Nokia relationship is unique, so we’ll see some great collaboration, but we have great collaboration with other partners as well.”
In fact, the Nokia unleashed its Lumia 710 and 900 overseas while the Lumia 800 was exclusive to Canada for now.

The Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II are having an intense competition concerning the interest of the people; Sullivan says that, “I love all my children equally”. Though the Nokia Lumia 900 is ahead just a little bit than HTC’s Titan II, it is still up to the consumer.

Microsoft’s Journey
According to some critics, for Microsoft to hit the market share or divert the interest of the customer, they must acquire four main things to be able to succeed. First, give quality efforts in investing the market. Second, winning “flagship” positioning with carriers for several devices over the course of the year, Third, offering a range of devices on each carrier network and forth convince people that Windows Phone OS is lot way better than iOS, why should they will buy it.

And not to forget Nokia, they have to work harder to attract people as they have only just begun in the game.

Nevertheless, the collaboration of the two companies is a massive Ice Breaker in the smartphone industry. They might bit the highest rank this year or not but they have done unique ideas on smartphones. (c) 2012

Mobile News: Windows Phone does a great job in CES 2012

Monday, January 30th, 2012

IN CES 2012, Microsoft announced its newest Windows Phone 7.5 for smartphones.

HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900 were both nominated by CNET for the Best of CES award in the smartphone category. Both smartphones run Microsoft’s Windows Phone and supported with LTE 4G. The Nokia Lumia 900 took the prize.

Windows Phone failed on the previous years, and the recent CES showed Windows Phone rising with a new platform to make a difference in smartphone industry against Apple’s iOS.

Mobile press journalists and smartphone enthusiast appreciated the well designed, simple and unique interface of Windows phone but the hardware used on smartphone that runs the OS are quite not impressing. Software peculiarities like absence of landscape mode support, no multitasking, no copy and paste functions and a paddy supply of apps soured our taste for the new and the daring.

The new update of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango fixes bug issues such as the front-facing camera and pristine LTE 4G support. The Lumia 900 was the key player of Microsoft and Nokia from its entry on the US market to succeed this year and gain back what they have lost on the previous years. Nokia may possibly release 37 million Lumia 900 devices if the device will successfully hit the interest of the consumers.

On a CNET interview, Windows Phone senior product manager Greg Sullivan stated that, “2012 is going to be a big year for us,” they admit that before they will acquire success this year, it would require an extreme focus on how to play on the smartphone industry.

Microsoft will have to fix some issues such as reproducing language support, expanding and recuperating their cloud services and gradually stocking its app store with high-quality programs.

Having carrier partners will help Microsoft and Nokia to succeed as Lumia 900 was officially introduced by AT&T – not only the Lumia 900 but also some Windows Phone supported smartphones. HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900 will be the candidates to endorse the LTE 4G of AT&T.

T-Mobile was also introducing Windows Phone device while Sprint and Verizon introduce only one Windows Phone smartphone.

Sullivan also admitted Microsoft’s weakness in CES while sharing his story about her sister who bought Android phone as part of a sales representative request, “We know there’s a lot we have to do in stores,”

A report announced last week that AT&T will earn commissions in selling Windows Phone supported smartphones, AT&T remains mute.

The entry of Microsoft on the smartphone industry was a job-well done. Though, they have to face more trials or obstacles to succeed, Microsoft will not hesitate to conquer the market as it has already learned from the past years. With its unique, simple and originally designed, Microsoft believes that they will make a difference this year. It is just the beginning and by then, they will mark the history of smartphone industry. (c) 2012

HTC Titan II |Phone Review

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Mobile news presents… HTC introduces Titan II that runs Windows phone 7.5 Mango with a 16 mega-pixel camera in CES 2012. Nokia released its first LTE 4G smartphone that runs Windows Phone Lumia 900, while HTC also made a smartphone that will also run Windows Phone with a 16 mega-pixelm Titan II.

Though the phone doesn’t have dual core processor, it is still equipped with preloaded applications for satisfying customer. The HTC Titan II will play with Nokia’s Lumia 900 in the market that both run Windows Phone with LTE 4G for faster data sharing.

The Titan II looks similar to its ancestor Titan. The new device has more lines and curves that makes the phone stylish and resembles to HTC Sensation – HTC’s smartphone that runs Google’s Android OS that marked the market last second quarter of 2011.
The device has a screen size of 4.7-inch – just the same size of Galaxy Nexus – and has a thicker dimension.
The device is also hard to use as it has a thicker dimension and bigger screen, you need to use your other hand to reach every corner of the phone – the same issue with Galaxy Note – if not, there is a high possibility of dropping the phone.
The device supports LTE 4G from AT&T and no Verizon yet as of now.
Regarding to its camera, there were many smartphone that has 12 mega-pixel camera built-in in CES but the Titan II’s 16 mega-pixel camera took the plot.
It has wide-angle lens, panorama mode and auto fix features. You can also press the Camera button even the phone is lock to initiate photo capturing.

Overall the phone was good, faster data sharing through LTE 4G, 16 mega-pixel camera for wider and detailed photos. Though the HTC Titan II is too big compared to a standard size smartphone, the phone is equipped with numerous features for customer’s satisfactory.

Microsoft did a good job on Windows Phone and maybe this is the start for Microsoft to sustain the competitive clash in smartphone industry.

Expect AT&T to release its own version of HTC’s Titan II that will offer an introduction price from $200 to $300 these coming months of this year. (c) 2012