Illegalizing the mobile usage while driving

Many people tend to use their gadgets and phones while driving; a federal agency reacted and wanted an outright ban on this habit to avoid future fatal incidents.

In 2011, many drivers use their phones while waiting for the traffic light turns green. Gadgets or mobile phones have been essential accessories in our car which tempt a driver to take his break using his phone.

On Thuesday, the National Transportation Safety Board had made their decision of illegalizing unnecessary or none emergency usage of mobile phones. Even hands free smartphone has no excuses.

Many were offended and reacted about banning mobile usage while driving. It may not be a unanimous board agreement though it makes sense at all.

Any law concerning the mobile usage while driving is already too late as expressed by critics which makes the situation more complicated.

On Wednesday, a Detroit free press columnist Mark Phelan wrote “Mobile phones are omnipresent. Virtually every adult and many kids have one… No law will change the fact that people expect to remain in touch while they’re behind the wheel.”

He also stated that it will be the most pointless and universally ignored law prohibition if approved.

35% of adults in US use internet enabled smartphone while non-internet smartphones dominated 83% or more according to a recent pew study.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released last week, over 13.5 million US drivers use handheld phones on daylight travelling. NHTSA testify that about 3, 092 roadway fatalities were caused by distracted drivers.

“I like to be able to maximize the use of my time…I don’t see there being a big harm in multitasking when my car is stopped so long as I maintain awareness of what traffic around me is doing.” said Alex Hughes confessing that he only uses his mobile phone when his car is not in motion.

Many internet dependent drivers have reacted and confused on the issue.

Trevor Cudmore of Bayport, New York said “I make and receive phone calls via my hands-free equipment and I use the phone for GPS navigation. All of this I could do freely if I have the right optional extras in my car… Should radios and GPS navigation also be banned from cars? Laws exist in most states banning texting and making phone calls without hand-free equipment — the issue is that these laws are not being enforced. “

GPS has been a concern of some drivers since it helps them navigate directions and mapping locations.

Many internet and GPS dependent drivers had reacted on the said issue which will affect their daily living.

However, NTSB has no power to publish the law and it has to be approved by the congress. Many people have believed that the congress would not approve the NTSB appeal regarding the mobile usage while driving. It shall be a long way run and proceedings. (c) 2011

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