Mobile Tips: Things to Remember in Using a Cell Phone

Almost everybody knows that driving while talking to someone in a cell phone brings too much risk in your life. However, there are so many things that could bring risk to your life involving the use of mobile phone aside from what had mentioned.

Many cell phone users tend to downplay the importance of putting password to their mobile phones. Protecting mobile device with password reduce the risk of exposing your private data to the public in case of lost.

It is not always advisable to use smartphone via downloadable applications in making bank transactions. A survey early in 2011 revealed that banking applications do not have enough security features to make them safe to use. Experts said that it is safer to access bank accounts at home.

Avoid downloading applications form unidentified sources. More often than not, these kinds of applications would likely bring more trouble than benefit.

Be careful in connecting to a Wi-Fi network in public places such as restaurants and hotels. There is a possibility that the data transmitted over that certain connection is unsafe. It is advised not to share personal information over unsecured networks because there is too much risk that personal information could be stolen and used against users. (c) 2011

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