Phone Usage While Driving Isn’t Safe

An article writer Dana Milbank wrote on his article stating that the response of NTSB to the usage of cell phone while driving was ridiculous. Not just Milbank had reacted but over hundreds of cell phone users claimed that the ban by NTSB was ridiculous.

According to Mr. Milbank, talking while driving is safer than texting. You have a high percentage of crashing from texting while driving than talking while driving. According to an anonymous DMV certified instructor, if we only ban texting while driving, then it would resulted that cell phone usage while driving is safe which is according to him, it’s not.

This anonymous instructor opposes to Mr. Milbank’s opinion of unbanning cell phone usage while driving.

The anonymous instructor explained that we do not need public awareness but law awareness rather.

“It only takes three seconds or less to be distracted enough to crash. Hands-free phone use is not safe. The comparison is 9.3 crashes per for hand-held talking and 7.8 per for hands-free talking. Not a very big difference.” written by the anonymous DMV instructor against Mr. Milbank’s opinion of reinforcing public awareness in using cell phones while driving.

The anonymous instructor compares texting while driving to a drunken person. Which give us an understanding why the usage of cell phone isn’t safe.

“Coordination is worse and reaction time is slower, the same as it is for cell-phone driving. You have the same reaction time as a 0.08 legally drunk driver if you talk on the cell phone while you drive.”

According to him, we have four choices when the phone rings, call and talk, answer a call, call them back later or do not answer. He followed up in his article that the first 3 choices were at the highest percentage of risking your life, accident or could even cause death.

Though phones give us addiction to our lives, importance to our lives, make our lives easier, but we should always remember that cell phones has a restriction on certain situation in which they must not be used.

“Why risk it? The odds are against you.” wrote by the anonymous DMV instructor. (c) 2011

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