Why Airlines Make You Turn off Your Mobile Phone

We may wonder why during a flight you are not allowed to use electronic gadgets such as phones, laptop and all. They may seem just overreacting.
A complaint was been made by a Rock Star, Alec Baldwin, when he was accused on not following the rules inside the plane and he was kicked off an American Airlines. He says that he was just playing a game while the plane is not yet moving then the flight attendant rebated him.
It was determined that electronic devices could transmit signals that would intervene with the equipment while you are in a plane. That is why we need to turn off our devices such as electronic games, MP players, phones and laptops until the plane gets 10,000 feet above.

The Head of the Department of Aviation Technology, Brent Bowen at Purdue University in Indiana said that there is a research if electronic devices can be a cause of a problem but it still doesn’t matter. He added “It’s a federal air regulation, and the crew is responsible for enforcing it,” he said. “These rules apply to all airlines in America and all airlines operating in America.”
Officials on FAA give a fact sheet that would explain the regulations about electronic devices than discussing it to the people. In their explanation there are a lot of unidentified radio-signals that electronic devices such as phones and hand held electronics gives off. FAA said that since the pilot and cockpit crew needs to focus on critical arrival and departure duties, any interference could be more of a safety chance at lower altitudes.

Today there are many Wi-Fi systems available in some planes, but they must first obtain a certification from FAA to test their capabilities if they their Wi-Fi systems obstruct the plane’s system anytime at flight.

Bowen added that there have not been thorough studies to find out whether the forbidding of electronic devices during takeoff and landing should be comfortable, and because of funding further studies are unlikely to happen.

“Why should we spend millions of dollars in research when you can just cut it off for 10 minutes?” Bowen said.

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