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HTC introduces its all new Rezound which is bigger and faster with a 4.3 super LCD display with 1280 by 720 resolution. Its size is designed for watching videos and playing video games with a weight of 6oz which makes it more solid – though it’s heavy.

Rezound will have a simple design with a 2 mega-pixel front facing camera and 8 mega-pixels with two LED flash at the back. As usual, the handset has the four standard Android navigation buttons which are Home, Back, Search and Menu. The back case is made of rubber which is smooth enough to make your hand feel nicely and not to forget, it has a power button and a volume rocker.

The device has a 1.5GHz Dual-core Snapdragon Processor for faster and greater graphics experience in terms of video gaming like Gran Theft Auto 3 and Dead Space. But unfortunately, the device is not good enough to handle long time with surfing and playing games. It has a short battery life span, in just 3 hours of playing games, surfing the net and downloading apps, 70 percent of a full battery are wasted. You can also choose preset settings regarding the battery consumption but if you are smartphone gamer or internet user then it is essential for you to buy the extended battery pack.

About the display, it’s not really faster. After exiting an app, lag occurs but not all the time like a nuisance of your daily use.

In terms of internet connection, Rezound is equipped with Verizon’s blazing fast LTE network which allows downloading and uploading faster from a fast connection source. It was all good, even calling to a friend; it gives a high quality audio without noise and hiss even you are in public places.

As Google releases its Ice Cream Sandwich firmware, Rezound will only have the Android 2.3 which is Gingerbread but equipped with preloaded software like Blockbuster Mobile, Slacker Radio, Polaris Office, and the Amazon Kindle app, even the full version of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, the demo version of Let’s Golf 2 and other entertaining apps are also installed in the device.
The device will have exclusive features from HTC sense running the Gingerbread like opening a new app even the phone is lock and running programs are listed at the notification bar for simple multitasking.

The device will have the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich soon.

Just like iPhone and other smartphone, Rezound is also equipped with Beats Audio for better listening experiences. You need to use headphones that are Beats Audio compatible for better music listening experiences. Beats Audio does play good, especially when the software is enabled. The music is detailed and musky at all. Don’t worry about the headphone; HTC Rezound is packed with a Beats Audio compatible headphone and much better than other headphones now a day.

The HTC Rezound buffs faster for watching movies online using its LTE. Its size is enough to be contented in watching movies. With regards to the camera, the 8 mega-pixels give average image quality when outdoor, but little bit poor when in dimly lit environments. It also gives poor images when in a bright areas, it’s like the colors were washed out and sometimes it contains with reddish tint. About the 2 mega-pixel front-facing camera, it does well but not for vain images.

About Rezound video recording capability, it can manage to record video in a highest resolution 1080p and also good in recording audios. It is not really much good than video recorders, you will see a jelly effect while capturing a video, it’s like the device is buffering while capturing. But what makes the device astonishing is that it features panorama effect.

In generalization, HTC Rezound is one of the best, smarter and faster smartphones. If you are looking for a phone for your gaming interests or for internet purposes then Rezound is the ideal smartphone that you are looking for. But every best smartphones has its own kryptonite; like Rezound consumes a lot of battery’s power.

Samsung has just released its Galaxy Nexus and HTC now has its Rezound. Choosing the best smartphones must depend upon your interest for your convenience. Though Galaxy Nexus is supported with Ice Cream Sandwich, you can still wait if you are patient enough for Ice Cream Sandwich to hit Rezound.

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