AMD is Gearing Up To Take the Challenge of the Fast-Growing Mobile Market

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is very positive that it can survive amidst the quick-changing computer industry. The firm’s new chief executive Rory Read delivered a strong message in front of Wall Street analysts during the AMD’s first analyst day since 2010 saying that he is getting the struggling PC chipmaker to fight form in a fast changing computer industry.

Read said that the company would leverage its PC chip technology to join the competition of tablet segment as well as emerging markets. However, he clarified that the company is only interested in tablet market and not in smartphone market.

Read explained that they will not dive into smartphones because the market is already crowded with low margins. He said that the company will focus on client mobility, thin and light.

According to Read, the rise of tablets and other mobile gadgets were not properly taken advantage by its competitor Intel. Read said that they will focus on the opportunities on tablet markets by making innovations.

Read further revealed that they will specifically look into opportunities in cloud computing and growing demand from developing countries for entry level PCs and other devices.

Read announced in November that they would cut 10% of their workforce to reduce annual operating cost for about $200. The amount is intended to support manufacturing a newly launched 32 nanometer PC chip.

He said that AMD will concentrate more on improving execution in 2012 by clarifying and streamlining roles in different departments and some conflicting goals.

Read revealed that execution has been the problem that made them missed opportunities in the past. He said that they may have great innovations before but failed to follow them up because of lack of execution.

AMD has been struggling competing Intel in powerful PC processors. However, in today’s market, both of them are now facing threat from companies like Qualcomm that are planning to develop low-end PC chips using power-sipping technology licensed to them by Britain’s ARM Holdings.

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