Business Planning of Google in Mobile Market

Mobile News – Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes that a phone is no longer a phone as users already consider it as alter ego. Early in 2011, Google made an announcement regarding its marketing strategies to strengthen its presence in the mobile industry. For the leading internet and computer software company, mobile is all about advertising. It is estimated that smartphone users will continue to increase significantly. Analysts Episerver revealed that 59% of Great Britain’s consumers recently own a smartphone and 18% own a tablet device. Among smartphone users, 35% used their phone to purchase something with the help of adverts which are powered by Google.

Google was measuring mobile readiness of its advertisers by using 200 diagnostic points together with other criteria including device detection, load time and mobile optimisation. The company found out on the study that about 79% of its biggest advertisers have web sites not designed specifically for mobile. Google acted immediately to solve the problem.

Twelve mobile web experts were appointed through GoMo initiative to create mobile-friendly sites for advertisers, agencies and brands. Shortly after, Google Wallet was created for mobile payments and Google Mobilize which can be used for free by small businesses to create and launch basic mobile websites. Google did all those things to increase mobile advertising revenue and encourage small and medium enterprises to sign up for the AdWords platform of the company.

Schmidt knows that Google will never be a handset maker or an operator but as long as the mobile browser and Google search bar are the core of the so-called alter egos, he thinks that mobile advertising will strengthen further the company’s strong revenue in the years to come. (c) 2011

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