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Mobile news presents… Giant technology makers will congregate this week on Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. The event will be all about unveiling their newest technology from TVs to Smartphones. We had witness the previous CES in promoting 3D and internet supported TV, latest laptops and new tablets that compete against iPad.

Microsoft will introduce their Windows 8 as other giant makers like Sony and Samsung will unleash their smartphones equipped with voice recognition. The voice recognition will allow you to talk to your smartphone and get interacted like Apple’s iPhone 4s – this will be a threat to Apple. The upcoming event will differ from the previous CES as manufacturers who will partake the event will unleash their own much improved technologies.

We had witnessed the first Google Android that runs in tablet which was Motorola Xoom in 2011 and thrived until now. So we will expect that the upcoming CES will focus more on tablets. Apple will be the center of attraction as attendants will compare the devices to what Apple makes – from designs to interface according to a Tech blogger MG Siegler, who promoted Apple for website TechCrunch.The upcoming CES will not just on smartphones and tablets, LG will unleash its newest and innovative television as they had already posted numerous announcements before. The featured TV will have 4mm-think and 55” TV that will use “Organic LED” technology which was used in some smartphones. What makes it amazing is that LG makes expensive affordable as the previous price of an 11” TV was $2, 000.00.

Sony, Samsung and LG will also feature the Google’s TV that has a newly improved interface and growing numbers of shows and films available. Google is set to take advantage on CES 2012 to achieve more on mobile phone system Android and Youtube.

After laptop and desktop were outcast by smartphones and tablets last year’s market share, CES will also be involved on new, super-slim and light laptops. The Ultrabook with Intel chipset will be introduced by Lenovo, Asus, HP, Dell and many more in CES 2012 as it was aimed to succeed this year on the market share compared to the previous year.

The Ultra book was inspired from the fist Apple’s MacBook Air laptop with super thin dimension. The ultrabooks will a have sexy and attractive designs and easy to carry with faster boot process, well-brought-up power and long last battery.

Microsoft will introduce its all new Windows 8 software that will support tablets as well as computers. Microsoft learned from their previous Windows Phone 7 and they expect to succeed on Windows 8.

Also announcements on smartphones will be conducted in CES 2012. Sony will introduce their pre-owned Sony Ericson’s Arc series on the event. Google will also witness the launching of Sony Ericson to bid on smartphone market.

Panasonic is also set to get into the smarphone industry in CES or may be later whereas Samsung and LG will equipped with Intel’s chipset Medfield, this would be the beginning of Intel to compete with ARM.

However, the declining Nokia is set to launch its newest handset that runs Windows Phone 7 in North America market. But what would be the effect of the Corning Gorilla Glass II release in the market soon?

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