Mobile News: Facebook Privacy over Accessing From Phones or Tablets

Facebook announced that its top priority is to give security to its users particularly in their privacy. With the growing access of applications using smartphones and tablets, Facebook expresses its concern over security problems as more people access the service from an application on their phones or tablets.

Many of Facebook’s secrets are required to disclose in an initial-public-offering filling. In its document submitted, the company submitted list of potential risk, detailed financial reports and latest statistics on its growth. Facebook declared a total of 845 million regular users as of the end of 2011.

The document submitted was more optimistic towards possible challenges but Facebook indicated its concerns over mishandling of user information. The document filed has line saying if Facebook improperly discloses personal data or if it is access by hackers, its reputation is expected to threaten.

The company further notes that if users become concerned with their privacy on the site, it expects to get hit badly as Facebook usage will be affected. Facebook stressed that adopting policies or procedures related to sharing or user data that negatively perceived by their users or the general public must be avoided.

Facebook received many petitions from its users to change its design and feature related to privacy such as publishing user’s purchases from online retailers and News Feed which surfaced more data from other parts of the site.

Media analyst at tech consulting firm Altimeter Group, Rebecca Lieb, said that Facebook has long been avoiding the privacy issues and Zuckerberg doesn’t care about it.

There is a possibility that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg failed to adapt the increased usage of mobile to access what formerly possible only to desktop and laptop computers. While Facebook’s apps are dominant on major mobile platforms, the company does not earn income from them because they do not show advertisements.

In Facebook’s IPO document filing, the company considers the growth in usage from phones and tablets in place of computers as risk. So, experts interpreted the line that it is fine for the company that users would use their phones as long as they are visiting the site as often as what they do from PCs.

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