Mobile News for Small Businesses

Smartphones and tablets are now part of everyday living. Using these devices, doing business transaction is never been easier. Most of the smartphones and tablets owners are now using these mobile devices to shop, make reservations and do banking transactions. Small business owners can capitalize this way of living by going into mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing seems discouraging especially to small business owners. Most businesses think that developing a smartphone application or using every method available seems daunting considering the time to develop and the money to spend in entering the world of mobile marketing. However, you should not think all of these at start. It is advised to engage in mobile marketing slowly but surely and find marketing techniques that are easy and even free.

Many customers allow mobile devices to change the way they deal with small businesses. Some of these customers are your prospects. In the U.S. alone, a third of its population own a smartphone that features data services like mobile applications and Internet access and about 11% of Americans also own a tablet device. Some even use their mobile devices more often than usual.

First thing you should do if you are a small business owner is to get found. Mobile users may use their mobile phones equipped with GPS to find which establishments, such as restaurant, are near from their current location. To take advantage on this customer behavior, claim your business easily on popular sites such as Google Places, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo Local and Foursquare for free.
Next is to consider giving coupons and deals. Through those sites listed above, you may offer deals and coupons to potential customers for free. However, you may want also to try business oriented applications designed specifically to offer coupons to customers based on location including Yowza and LivingSocial.

Another way to promote your small business on mobile devices is to create good relationships with customers though popular social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Many potential customers particularly the younger ones check these sites regularly on their phones. Posting anything about your business updates daily will keep your customers informed on the latest deals. There are also more attractive customer connection programs you may want to engage such as RewardMe which allows customers to receive rewards for patronizing your business repeatedly.

Help shoppers find your business conveniently by having a web page that has a mobile version. This allows customers to navigate your web page easily in a tiny phone screen. Also, it is important to ensure that your home page provides the most important information and highly readable with large fonts and dark print.

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