Mobile News: Hotel Experience Could Never be The Same with Mobile Phones

Mobile technology is changing the world in just a short amount of time. Mobile devices give people limitless possibilities for access. For hospitality industry, this technology is also a game-changing.

Mobile phones allow a whole new kind of personal guest services that cost a little, effective and convenient. They can change how guests do business with the hotel at the same time give convenient for hotels to operate.

There is a possibility that mobile technology can make the recent hotel rooms obsolete. Few years from now, people will interact hotel room in ways that you have never been imagined before because of mobile devices. In fact, the technologies that can make these things work are ready for implementation.

The following is the overview of items that may be included in hotels in the near future:
Mobile Wallet – – Many credit companies, mobile developers and banks are already using mobile wallet. This mobile app could also be used in paying for rooms and more, allowing guests to securely deliver the transaction to the hotel’s database. Carrying cash will no longer a necessity to transact in a hotel.

Access room through mobile phone – – Technologies are now ready to be implemented that enable guests to securely use their mobile device as room key by using encrypted signal.

Bulky phones will become part of history – – Once every transaction could be made possible with mobile device, those big phones could not be found anymore in a standard hotel room.

Virtual Concierges – – With this technology, hotel guests can get in touch with the concierge without needing to go to the lobby downstairs.

Room Service – – Hotel guest need not to be in a room to get a room service. Using a locator on the mobile device, any orders can be delivered anywhere in the hotel where the guest is staying.

Front Desk Attendant – – This position in a hotel could soon be changed as guests will start to utilize their mobile device as hotel room key and hotels will be capable to send a room bill thru e-mail.

Updates on Promotional Material – – Hotel administration will be saying goodbye to a hassle way of changing printed hotel promotional materials in each room as guests will be able to use their mobile device to scan a QR code and know the latest happenings at the hotel.

Alarm Clocks – – Mobile device can wake you up, so why need an alarm clock?

Bandwidth – – This is already a trend in most hotels as guests prefer to use the bandwidth to watch movie or play games on their mobile phones than spending more money on the in-room entertainment.

Centralized Control System – – This system is already use in most hotels allowing guests to have central control to all switches in the room. Apps for the home version are already available so, it is just a matter of time that an app for hotel room will be developed.

Wireless Power Charging Stations – – This technology allows guests to charge their mobile devices without those annoying wires.

These changes are not easy for hotels to implement but certainly guests would demand that the hotel industry should integrate mobile devices in their operations because guests are integrating these devices into their daily lives. (c) 2012

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