Mobile News | More Mobile App Developers Think Google+ Could Catch Up Facebook

Three surveys revealed that almost 66% of mobile app developers believe that Google+ could equal or even surpass the popularity of Facebook.

Majority of respondents prefer Google+ because of the company’s wide range of assets including search, YouTube, Gmail and Android. They think that those assets can create a powerful network effect with Google+.

The two surveys were conducted by Appcelerator and research firm IDC in 2011 and followed in January 2012 with over 2,100 respondents.

Facebook is currently enjoying huge lead over Google+ with 900 million users. According to the surveys, Facebook is highly expected to be vastly more important to social strategies than Google but mobile app developers see the other thing. These developers consider the potential significant impacts to how social plays out in the mobile space, especially for the next billion social users.

In the latest survey, 39% of developers said that Google’s assets such as Android and search are more important to them than the social graph of Facebook.

According to Wikipedia, social graph has been described as the global mapping of everybody and how they’re related. The new survey revealed that most of the mobile developers simply do not understand the social graph of Facebook and are finding difficult to leverage it in their app development.

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