Mobile News: RIM to upgrade software and services for BlackBerry

Research In Motion announced that the BlackBerry will have improvements regarding to software and services this week. It is not deniable that RIM finds it difficult in pushing the PlayBook OS 2.0 in the market. This week, RIM has improved some applications and services for BlackBerry users.

BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing Version 3.0
RIM provides new feature on BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing to avoid hassles on the user’s side. The new app allows you to join easily on an active conference from your BlackBerry smartphone. On the application, you will see “Join now” button where it is located at the calendar appointments for one-click dial-ins. The application also features a one-click Reconnect button that allows you to get back on track when you are disconnected from a call or conference. On the BlackBerry Calendar, you can set a schedule for future conference with complete conference bridge details on a hassle free two-step process. The newest version has the ability to convert email threads into meeting invites involving those people who are on the email thread.

But what’s more amusing is that the application features a “tell a friend” that tolerates you for sharing application through the use of BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, eMail and instant messaging.

BlackBerry Music – Free Trial
This service requires $10.00 per month to enjoy listening music, but as it improves its services, RIM offers a free trial on BlackBerry Music in which US and Canadian users will be free for 4 months, 6 months for British, Spanish, and Italian users.

The BlackBerry Music app allows everyone on the BlackBerry society to share music and playlist within BlackBerry users. People will also have access to a stored music from a friend’s library.

V3.1.1.15 Beta for BlackBerry App World
Research In Motion unveiled the newest version for the BlackBerry App World for the convenience of BlackBerry users. The application store is exclusive for beta testers, otherwise non-Beta testers cannot register. The newest version allows a user to opt on different choices of billing that are visible on the purchase confirmation screen – submitting apps feature an easy-to-use confirmation screen that is only supported by OS 7.1.

For non-BlackBerry Beta Zone, registration is for free!

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