Mobile Phones Will Exceed the Population by the End of 2012 |Mobile News

Mobile news… According to a US technology company Cisco that mobile phones will exceed the population of humans by the end of 2012.

A report shows that the number of mobile phones will grow more than the population and was predicted to hit 10 billion devices by 2016. The number would exceed the human’s population of 7.3 billion based on numbers of smartphone connected.

In 2011, approximately 7 billion devices were confirmed to be connected all over the world – almost closer to 7.3 billion. An augmentation of 1.4 devices per capita before the year end.

According to Cisco that the first to be affected by the increasing number of devices will be at Middle East and Africa and was expected to experience an annual growth rate of 104 percent and followed by Asia Pacific region to have 84 percent of growth rate.

By 2016, internet trafficking is expected to multiply by 18 times bookkeeping for 130 exabytes of data per year.

The enormous enlargement of internet usage was due to smartphones and tablets that rivulet music and video. It is expected to increase up to 95 percent a year somewhere in 2012 to 2016.

Also, M2M or machine-to-machine is involved in the study as part of the technological growth.

M2M produces air-conditioning units, smart fridges, telephones and security systems technologies. As the demand of technology increases, technology provider also increases to satisfy one’s need.

In 2011 to 2016, Cisco predicted that M2M will gain a data traffic increase of 22 fold that gives 86 percent of annual increase five years from now.

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