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Mobile news presents… The previous year has been a dramatic event for smartphone manufacturers who have been rapidly enhancing their handset for competition, terminating competitors on the market place and even beating them on court.

Here are some and best predictions on mobile industry this 2012.

1. The growth of Quad-core smartphones
On the previous year, we had witnessed Dual-core begun to merge with smartphones for faster cell phone experiences. It was started with HTC Edge followed by LG, Motorola and Smasung.

But what we should expect in 2012? Well, Quad-core processors on smartphones will wipe out the Dual-core era especially iPhone 5 and 6 are expected to have Quad-core processor. 2012 will be a new year for smartphone competition with Quad-core processors.

2. iPhone will go bigger
As Phone 4s was released and little bit bigger than iPhone 4, expect on 2012 that Apple will release its iPhone 5 with wider screen supported by Retina Display that will compete other giant smartphone manufacturers.

3. Windows Phone goes cheaper
Microsoft decided to lower down their budget for Nokia to be able to produce affordable smartphones with Windows Phone OS.

This will give a chance on Nokia to be part of the intensive competition on smartphones Industry.

4. Android keeps its top spot, but fragmentation still rules
Google’s Android ranked no. 1 as announced by a survey conducted on a three-month period which was ended last November, earning more than 50 percent of Global market share and still incontrovertible in the top smartphone chart.

But in some case, it is obvious that there is no fragmentation on new Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware. No updates for Galaxy SII and some of HTC handset until spring.

5. Apple and Samsung will still have their resemblances
As last year shows us about the patent war of Apple against Samsung, 2012 is still the year of patent war from these two giant manufacturers.

Expect in 2012 that more handset from Samsung will be banned on some territories while Apple will still find ways of accusing Samsung on their handsets.

More progress on these two giant manufacturers on their handset, but it was said that their broken relationship is not one of the nuisances to be fixed. (c) 2012

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