Water Resistant Smartphones and a Tablet Computer at CES

Mobile news… It looks like every year, there is always a company that presents water resistant electronic product at CES. This year, it was Fujitsu that presented smartphones and a tablet computer that can go as deep as 5 feet in the water for up to 30 minutes.

Maybe, you wonder why the company presented this idea to the public and why anyone would want such water resistant phones and tablet computers. Have you ever think that how many individuals who lost their phones or tablet computers by dropping them in the toilet or spilling some kind of liquid or forgetting to take them out of jeans upon doing a wash?

Fujitsu product marketing director James Maynard said that one of the higher return rates of any mobile devices is due to damage caused by liquids. He added that it make sense that technology equipment should be water resistant considering the amount of money every user has spent.

The water-resistant devices are yet to come in the U.S. but they are already available in Japan. Maynard said that Fujitsu has been talking to some of the biggest wireless carriers in the U.S. but does not have any final deal yet.

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