Mobile News Update: Nokia’s New Smartphone is Off to a Slow Start

Mobile news… Nokia Corp. was announcing its plan late in 2011 to be on a spotlight once again in U.S. smartphone market. However, judging from its sales on different stores in Chicago last week, it is most likely that the company’s plan has a long way to go.

Nokia’s new Windows phone Lumia 710 has been receiving mix reaction from consumers. However, experts say that the new smartphone fail to live on its purpose so far which is to become a market leader among smartphones in the U.S. market.

Salesman at a T-Mobile International AG’s store at 2900 N. Broadway St. revealed that, as of this writing, they have not sold any unit of new Lumia 710 despite massive advertising about it. Another salesman at a T-Mobile store at the 1958 W. Irving Park Rd. said that most customers who visited the store were not aware about the phone while few of them knew about the product after seeing it on television and billboards.
On the other hand, Deonte Barbe of T-Mobile at 4714 N. Broadway St. said that he has sold already seven and believed that the phone is doing good as the Windows Mobile OS is starting to become popular.

Telecommunication stock analyst Tavis C. McCourt at Morgan Keegan & Company Inc. said that the issue in advertising is just normal because Nokia only decided in December last year that the phone would be running Windows technology.

Nokia has announced that it is preparing for the winter season with Lumia 710 as its major focus. Massive marketing strategies are now in place such as national television advertisements. Low sales would not hamper the plan of Nokia to become the leader in smartphones in the U.S., in fact, the company is gearing up for the next release which features the Lumia 900, according to McCourt.

Mr. McCourt said that Lumia flagship phone to be released in March will be a more crucial moment for investors. He stressed that today’s market indicates that a company needs to sell high-end phones to survive. AT&T Inc.’s stores will exclusively sell the Lumia 900 beginning March. (c) 2012

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