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Finnish firm Nokia maps out plan to compete with the increasing popularity of cheap Android phones by doing a revamp of its feature phone offering in 2012.

The company announced that they plan to launch feature phones that are smarter and competitively priced feature phones in 2012, promising to deliver modern user experiences.

Mobile industry growth is apparently concentrated on smartphones but feature phones still hold the top place in most units sold. Smartphones accounted only less than a third of industry volume.

Mobile news sources reveal that Nokia also preparing to launch Meltemi, a new Linux-based software platform. The new platform is said to replace the company’s Series 40 software to produce advanced feature phones.

The Series 40 platform is popular software which has been used in more mobile phones attaining a cumulative total of 1.5 billion units a couple of months ago. Meltemi is expected to provide a smartphone-like experience on lower end phone models.

Google’s free Android platform has been a hit in the industry for few years already and just last quarter, half of the smartphones sold used Android software.

In 2011, Nokia ended its own smartphone software platforms and replaced it with Windows Phone from Microsoft. However, it has little impact to the company’s earnings as of the first quarter of 2012. One reason why it has limited impact is the high price of phones using such OS.

In Mobile World Congress trade show in February, Nokia introduced the Lumia 610 model, the cheapest Windows Phone as of the moment that only cost $250.

According to the latest mobile news around the web, Nokia will devote more time to develop more affordable phones just like what the company did in creating Nokia Lumia 610.

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