Nokia’s Promising Lumia 900 is Bugged!

Mobile news shows that Nokia Corp. has been making steps to solidify its place in the global smartphone market. With the success of the iPhone from Apple, Nokia collaborated with Microsoft to release the Lumia 900 smartphone which it thinks would have a huge impact in the customers’ preference. However, Nokia’s dream immediately fell into pieces following the release of Lumia 900, which is undermined by a software bug.

Nokia deems Lumia 900 the very first 4G mobile phone that allows users to quickly connect. Because of the software bug, according to mobile news claims, data connection in this smartphone is occasionally lost. The bug costs Nokie a lot as it deteriorates the Lumia 900’s image before the phone is totally accepted by the mobile community.

Nokia is still the best when rating the number of volume of cellphones it has in the market. Unfortunately, Nokia was placed third behind Apple and Google in the smartphone market in 2011. Mobile news attributed this to Nokia’s slow performance in the U.S. and the growing demand for Apple’s smartphones and Google’s Android OS.

The Lumia 900 smartphone runs on the Windows Phone from Microsoft and Nokia hopes that it would take back what it has lost by making the phone available only in the United States.

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